5 Things India Had Going for It in 2015

Amid a year of conflict and controversy, India had some good things going. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to global leaders, set in motion reforms and launched several initiatives to boost industry, employment and social welfare. While some of the progress was questionable, here are five positive things we identified from 2015.
Shalini Gupta, who heads the Domchach block in Koderma district, is a vocal anti-corruption campaigner and along with her team of village women representatives, keeps a keeps a sharp eye on the working of the anganwadis. (Credit: Saadia Azim\WFS)

TBI Women: After 30 Years, Jharkhand Gets A Taste Of Woman Power

Women-led panchayats (village councils) in many parts of Jharkhand are proving to be a very successful model of governance, with the women leaders taking charge to address local and long-ignored issues like sustainable employment and equal pay for women, corruption in government schemes, women's property rights, irrigation and water supply, among others. Could this be an example for the rest of the country?
The picturesque town of Kishtwar

TBI Specials: A Different Kishtwar – One Which Showed The Way In Religious Tolerance And Communal Harmony

As curfew continues for the 12th straight day in Kishtwar based on the reports of communal violence, it might be difficult to imagine it as a place where Hindus and Muslims lived in perfect harmony, in fact much more than in many other parts of the country! But writer Yoginder Sikand recalls a time when he witnessed this communal bonhomie with his own eyes and felt it strongly in the many exceptional people that he met on his visits there.
A File Photo of Nawab Rajendran

TBI Tribute: Here Lived A Real Activist – Nawab Rajendran

At a time when there was little if any information interchange, one man worked hard to obtain it and take errant politicians to task. He paid for his doggedness in many ways, but that did not weaken his spirit or resolve. With no personal wealth or aspirations, he died in penury. But Nawab Rajendran's legacy remains for all to admire and emulate! Read about the life of a great man.
Netapedia is effective and different from mainstream media because there is no focus on the dirt to provide the audience with 'masala' and no focus on the good side as a result of corruption.

Netapedia – Know Your Politicians!

How often have we lamented the lack of transparency in the electoral process? Or the dearth of genuine information, free from media biases, available to the general public about the politicians serving our nation or asking for our votes? Well, here is a website that attempts to solve these problems, and empower the voters in the country to be better informed about the choices they are faced with.