Nagaland women

High Up In The Naga Hills Women Are Discovering Collective Strength

From being dependent on their husbands and fathers for basic needs to becoming self-dependent and getting their children educated from their own money, women's lives in Nagaland's Tuensang district have changed. They now demand better schooling for their children, fight for government entitlements, and articulate issues once considered too sensitive to discuss publicly, like alcoholism and wife beating. Read along to know about this remarkable transformation.
Dance forms an integral part of the festival

TBI Photo Essay: The Hornbill Festival – A Visual Treat

The Hornbill Festival, held in the first week of December every year, is a marvelous riot of colour that shows off the rich fare of diverse cultures and traditional arts that is Nagaland. Here you can witness the attires, folk music and dance forms, headgears, cuisines, paintings, handicrafts, and other intricacies of the varied tribes and sub-tribes of the state, as Meena Vaidyanathan did. Here we invite you to take a look at the festival just gone by through her words and lens, while hoping you can make it there yourself this year!