How One Man Fought Alcoholism among Fishermen in Kerala and Helped Them Come out of Poverty

FM Lazer identified alcoholism as the root cause of poverty in the fishermen community in Kerala and set about changing that. Along the way he got involved in helping women and the elderly become more literate too, and launched a motorised tricycle for the disabled. Truly a man with a mission, Lazer's efforts are now bearing fruit across the entire state.
There is a deep sense of control that still exists in
Kerala, one that is especially exerted by parents and educational
institutions. Students believe that colleges in the state are
practically functioning like schools these days. (Credit: KOL

How Young Kerala Triggered A Nation Wide Debate For Change With ‘Kiss Of Love’

The 'Kiss of Love' campaign took the country by storm. From outright supporters to obvious detractors, the incident has enabled people across India to respond to what is largely considered the unjust control of the moral police. With nationwide heated debates going on regarding the 'rightness' and 'wrongness' of this form of protest, we bring to you all sides of the argument, so you can decide for yourself where you stand.