women farmers

Now, Free Legal Aid To Farmers, Especially Women Farmers, In Andhra Pradesh

Farmers, especially the women farmers, in rural India are often at the receiving ends of long drawn legal battles regarding land and property that often conclude in bringing the families to the brink of poverty. Read about an organization that has tied up with the Andhra Pradesh government to provide free legal aid to farmers in the state and provide some relief from unnecessary harassment.
Dancers performing to the Shanti Mantra

A Breathtaking Odissi Performance On The Rocks, To Save The Rocks!

The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad lie on the Deccan Plateau, and boast of some beautiful natural rock formations. These heritage rocks, that survived millions of years of the vagaries of nature, are now falling prey to the greed of man. Read how a few individuals are trying to save these rocks in creative ways, before we lose these magnificent treasures forever.
F2S is an organization that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform.

Friends2Support – Friends By ‘Blood’ Relation

How many times have we thought of donating blood but held back due to some wrong notions we might harbour? Or heard about people in dire need of blood, but not getting it in time? Now, such constraints can be a thing of the past, with an initiative that makes it extremely easy and efficient to both donate blood and find a relevant donor. Read about Friends2Support, and how they are making this possible.

Community Catalysts – Harnessing The Power Of Gated Communities

Change is possible only if each of us accepts our responsibilities and it gets even better when your entire community is willing to support and stand by you. The idea of harnessing the power of gated communities may not seem like much, but the change it has wrought in the lives of 1000-odd families in this apartment complex is indeed remarkable.
Boy studying with solar LED light provided by OCOL

OneChildOneLight – And Then There Was Light…And There Was Education!

One of the main obstacles in the path of students in India is the absence of reliable sources of illumination. Electricity is non-existent or at best patchy in most parts of rural India, and other sources of light like the humble kerosene lamps pose health hazards, are ineffective, expensive and unreliable. Read how one organization is dispelling the gloom with a viable alternative.
The restoration work begins. The parched and cracking lake bed is plain to see.

TBI Water Week: Back To Life – The Story Of A Lake

In concluding our Water Week, we couldn't think of a more apt story than one that fills our hearts with gladness, and an old, defunct lake with water! Read how the efforts of an Environmental outfit, together with the co-operation and willingness of the villagers, revived a lake thought to be dead, and turned around the fortunes of a small region.