This South African Is Helping To Rebuild Vishakhapatnam After The Cyclone. Here’s What He Has Seen.

Jaco Swanepoel's heart went out to those who suffered immense damage in Vishakhapatnam during cyclone Hudhud. He packed his bags and went to help the victims. "The best thing that you can do in a situation like this is just to help the person in front of you," he learnt. Here he recounts his journey to the heart of the calamity, how he brought about change and how it affected him.

YOUR VIEW: How This Community Driven Initiative Is Catalysing A Better India, One City At A Time

A positive movement that provides a platform to changemakers to showcase their work and also connects them to like-minded people, SoCh is changing one city at a time. From bringing people together to helping them expand their reach, SoCh covers many grounds. Bhavana Nissima shares with us her experience of the community initiative in Hyderabad.

In Photos: How Love, Laughter And Care Can Make A Life Turn Around

Started by Madhu Tugnait, Icha Foundation has been taking care of every need of abandoned children, especially those with disabilities. From healthcare to education and clean clothes, Icha fulfills all their needs. With volunteers, doctors and caretakers treating them like their own kids, these lesser privileged kids now have a reason to smile (or should we say, grin!). Take a peek at the amazing photos that capture the essence of the wonderful cause.