TBI Blogs: Meet Linda Johnson, a Young Mother Whose Selfless Act of Kindness Helped Save a Stranger’s Life

A random act of kindness might not seem like a big deal, but for the beneficiary, sometimes, it can mean the difference between life and death. This young mother and professional discovered the importance of stepping in to help when no one else will, and it changed her perspective on life.

A random act of kindness might not seem like a big deal, but for the beneficiary, sometimes, it can mean the difference between life and death. This young mother and professional discovered the importance of stepping in to help when no one else will, and it changed her perspective on life.

Meet Linda Johnson, a mum, a working professional, and someone who took a brave step to show anyone can help, and that the gesture can actually make a huge difference in someone else’s life or many more.

Linda saved a stranger in her life—someone who met with a bad accident, but fought and survived to join life again, thanks to Linda’s gesture of kindness. Today both are mums, working professionals, good friends, and individuals who constantly inspire others.

Linda shares with Mums and Stories, “I hail from the beautiful hill station Ooty. Though I was born in Chennai, my schooling and college were in Ooty. I was a studious girl at school, and always a tomboy at home, with an elder sister who has always been my inspiration. I later graduated with a B.Com. degree and then did CA ( Chartered Accountancy), qualifying in 2008 along with an MBA in Finance.”

“After fixing the degrees of B.Com., ACA, and MBA(Finance) to my name, I started my career in 2009 with the Aditya Birla Group,” she continues. “I worked as a hardcore finance professional, and simultaneously tried to give love to people I met. I always felt this was unique, as, generally, finance and people skills aren’t really seen as complementary. However, being a mom to a 4-year-old son, I do hope that my son has, and will learn, to help the needy, and give love to the ones in real need of it.”

Talking about the incident where she helped Hema, a lady who was in pain due to an accident in Bangalore in 2010, Linda says, “I reached out to Hema in a flash. I felt a spark internally to go to her, rush her to a nearby hospital, and help save her. I should say here, that it was fortunate I could take her to the hospital at the right time.”

Linda credits her parents with instilling protective and caring instincts in her, “One teaching my parents instilled in me was, ‘If you can save a life, despite the possibility of being hassled, do not step back, and go for it. You will have the life-long satisfaction of having saved a life.’ In that moment, I had only love for her [Hema]. I did not know her at all. I just tried to comfort her, saying that it would all be OK. I’m not sure where I got the strength from, but definitely felt God’s presence in this whole act.”

There is definitely positivity in the world, but the challenge is the fear of implementing it in daily life. One may not always be appreciated for being positive and expressing views bluntly. However, courage is all that is required to change this environment.

People should express positive thoughts and emotions, irrespective of the criticism they may face.

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Linda shares an email that she wrote to her friends the day after the unfortunate incident. Mums & Stories has shared the email here with her permission.

“My Dear Friends,

Hi, and how are you all doing?

I am doing good, and I want to share an experience that I had yesterday.

Please take some time out and read this. This is your friend Linda’s humble request!

Last evening, by 7.30, I left office and caught a Volvo bus to my place. The bus stopped at the next stop and started. Just then all of us in the bus heard a tremendous sound of something breaking, and within a second, a girl was screaming like hell.

I was taken aback and dumbstruck.

The driver stopped the bus, we got down, and a mob gathered.

A beautiful girl had gotten her left leg stuck in the back wheel of the Volvo bus and it was jammed beneath the knee. She was trembling in pain, and rolling on the ground, looking for help.

There were so many people gathered, but not a single soul tried to help her. I pushed the mob aside and went in, and held her hands and shouted for help to carry her. None came. Finally, a few men came, and we carried the girl and crossed the road. We then stopped a cab. Another girl named Manasa said that she too accompany us, and we took the injured girl to the hospital. She was lying on my chest, screaming and suffering in pain.

It was terrible to hear. But I patted her, saying all would be fine and everything would work out. However, she couldn’t tolerate the pain, and I’m sure no one else could have either. There was nothing beneath her knee!

Thankfully, we reached the hospital in time and were able to save the wonderful lovely girl’s life. Her name was Hema. She is 26 years old, and unmarried.

I spoke to her mom, from Kerala. She was in tears. I cannot accurately explain the actual situation. Hope you, my friends, can imagine how critical it would have been.

Please my dear friends, this is my humble request. I plead with all of you to help anyone in such need, no matter what situation you are in.

I have not sent this mail for name and fame, but only to convey the message that I am really content to have saved a life.

Wanted to share this feeling with my friends.

Thanks for your patience, titans.

Have a blessed day.

Love and Regards,

Linda Johnson”

Truly, angels can be found everywhere. We just have to look among ourselves for inspiration to do something good.

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