IN PHOTOS: A Bunch of Youngsters Painted the Walls of a Municipal School. And Magic Happened.

These youngsters created beautiful art on various social themes.

Last week, Funstein, a non-profit organisation in Surat which teaches arts, crafts, music, dance, English, and general knowledge to underprivileged children on Sundays, got together nearly 300 school students and artists in the city for an exciting event.

They organised ‘Rangness – Bringing Colors Alive’ in association with the Shri Gijubhai Badheka Municipal School No. 122.

The volunteers were given the task of painting the school walls. Not that they were dirty, but the walls lacked life. The organisation felt some wall art would brighten up the environs.

The event was inaugurated by Asmitaben Shiroya, Mayor, and Ramnikbhai Zapadiya, Mahamantri, Gujarat Kala Pratishtan.

The brushes and paints were provided by the organisation and the volunteers were given full creative license. The art on the walls reflected social messages on various themes like – save girls, save water, preserve forests, stop pollution, quit smoking, etc.

As the school is by the main road, the organisers got a lot of requests from passersby asking of they could join in as well.

“We initially decide to paint only the front compound walls. But once we started, we wanted to leave no stone unturned. We quickly decided to also paint the walls behind school compound. Surprisingly, small groups formed on the spot and started the work. People were painting from 7.45 a.m. to 1 p.m.,” says Akash Radadiya, co-founder of Funstein.

Here are some pictures of the amazing work done by the team:















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