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After ‘Mitticool’, Mansukhbhai is Creating Houses that will Remain Cool without Electricity

After ‘Mitticool’, Mansukhbhai is Creating Houses that will Remain Cool without Electricity

The rural innovator is researching on low cost houses which can adjust temperature according to the climate outside. The houses will not just be for the economically poor people, but also for the richer class to encourage sustainable living.

Remember the amazing Mitticool refrigerator which runs without electricity and also preserves the original taste of the food items? The inventor of that unique refrigerator, Mansukhbhai Prajapati, has now come up with an idea of a house that requires no air conditioner or fan and yet remains cool during summers. Not only this, the house adjusts the temperature itself according to the climate.

Sounds incredible. Right? Imagine how much we can save on the huge electricity bills every year. Prajapati is working to create eco-friendly and low cost houses which will have natural lighting and cooling.

The dream houses will have no external electricity and will run on renewable energy. Made of clay, natural material and simple physics, the alternate energy will help maintain a comfortable temperature indoors.


Gujarat government has given Prajapati a land in Wankaner where he will carry out research on his green homes. He is currently testing soil and doing basic research to come up with the first model which is expected to be ready in next six months.

Prajapati’s idea is to make affordable houses which are not just useful for the poor but can also be used by the richer class for sustainable living.

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In the calamitous earthquake of 2001, Mansukhbhai suffered huge, irreparable losses. Most of his stock was decimated to a large extent, and whatever remained, he distributed it among the earthquake victims in Kutch. He got the idea to create mitticool during the tragedy which made him an innovator and gave him recognition all across the country.

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