How the 74-YO Sparrow Whisperer of Bengaluru Feeds 250 Birds at His Home Everyday

Edwin Joseph, the sparrow man of Bengaluru

Edwin Joseph, a retired technician from BHEL and a resident of Bengaluru, has been unfailingly feeding sparrows for the past 15 years.

Edwin Joseph from Bengaluru, a 74-year-old retired technician from BHEL is a nature lover, doing his part to save the sparrows in the city.

For the past 15 years, he has been feeding around 250 sparrows at his house. He had set up multiple feeders, filled with millets for the sparrows. Below them, he placed plates to collect discarded husks and also attached a wooden plank for the birds to sit on it peacefully.

Moreover, he also provides water and has grown small trees to create a canopy for the little birds.

Joseph who has been featured in several prominent publications believes that it’s the responsibility of every human being to take care of nature and its creations.

Watch his inspiring story here:

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