In the Past 14 Years, This Railway Station Near Agra has Reported Just One Theft Case

The Railway station of Etah has negligible crime rate.

Amidst rising crime in Uttar Pradesh, Etah railway station has surprisingly reported only one case of theft in the past 14 years.

Astonishingly, the Etah railway station, which is about 85 kms away from Agra, has had only one case of theft in the last 14 years.

It is hard to believe, isn’t it? No crime at all. One FIR in 14 years, and that too about a stolen computer mouse. No chain snatching, or robbery, which Uttar Pradesh in general, is infamous for.


Source: Indiarailinfo

Senior officials in the region thought that the negligible crime rate could not possibly be true. So they conducted a verification test to determine if the cops at the railway police station were even reporting crime or were they just showing improbable statistics on paper.

The circle officer, Government Railway Police (GRP), ordered for registration of a test FIR. Thus, a policeman posed as a robbery victim went to file an FIR in the police station. His report was duly noted without any fuss. The fact that this was just a test FIR was later revealed.

There have been two FIRs lodged in the past 14 years. One was transferred to New Delhi as the incident had happened there and the other was about a stolen computer mouse in 2010, which was never recovered.

Station in-charge Brij Mohan Singh told The Times of India that the negligible crime rate is likely because of two reasons – first, that only one train stops at the station in a day and the passengers come from very humble backgrounds, so robbery at this station is not exactly profitable; and second, that the GRP strength at the station is impressive in comparison to the traffic it gets. The thana has a total staff of 10 personnel, including a woman cop and an inspector. Additionally, two Railway Protection Force constables are also stationed here.

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