70-yo Suman Dhamne Is a YouTube Sensation, Thanks to Her Amazing Traditional Recipes

Youtube sensation aapli aaji

The face of YouTube's Aapli Aaji channel, 70-year-old Suman Dhamne's traditional Indian recipes have earned her lakhs of subscribers and millions of viewers. Watch this grandmother's inspiring story.

Suman Dhamne at 70 has become a Youtube sensation. Hailing from Sarola Kasar village near Maharasthra’s Ahmednagar, she shares her traditional Indian recipes and the use of spices via videos that now reach over a million viewers and subscribers. Today, she has also expanded her brand and sells her own spices commercially.

Making the unexpected happen

Suman began her Youtube channel “Aapli Aaji” (meaning our grandma) in March 2020. The idea, as sensational as it turned out to be, started with a simple request to make Pav Bhaji from her 17-year-old grandson.

However, the road to becoming a YouTube sensation was bumpy, as issues of camera-handling, video specifics and even hacking sprung up along the way. Braving the consciousness of facing a camera, the septuagenarian not only shares multiple videos a week today but also has learnt a lot more about the internet and social media.

Her success and recognition have broken barriers of education and accessibility, proving that anything is possible through determination.

Watch how Suman Dhamne became “Aapli Aaji” or read more about it here.

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