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These 10 Eco-Friendly Homes Will Inspire You To Live Sustainably

These 10 Eco-Friendly Homes Will Inspire You To Live Sustainably

Want to embrace sustainability? Check out these 10 incredible sustainable homes and get inspired!

The world is progressively shifting towards sustainable modes of living. With growing environmental awareness & the need to reduce carbon footprint, more number of people have started embracing sustainable practices in their lives. Right from making changes in lifestyles to designing better homes that reflect their values, Eco-conscious folks are leaving no stone unturned to bring their belief in sustainability to life.

Here, we bring to you 10 sustainable homes designed with ingenuity & utmost care for the planet which will surely leave you amazed and inspired!

Solar House, West Bengal

Couple’s Solar House Survived a Cyclone. And it’s Made of Mud, Bamboo & Straw!

Made of Mud, Bamboo & Straw, this one survived cyclone Amphan. While concrete houses suffered broken window panes, this home stood tall amid the battering winds. Fondly christened ‘Kancha-Paka’ (Raw and Ripe), the Swedish-Bengali couple’s beautiful home comprises a balanced amalgamation of conventional elements like a Reinforced Concrete Frame (RCC) and cemented floors, as well as sustainable materials like bamboo, thatch and mud.

Coconut Shells House, Mumbai

Can One Build a Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly House from Tender Coconut Shells? This Mumbai duo did it!

This low-cost, eco-friendly house was made using coconut shells. The natural cavity of the coconut shells when used on walls and roofs help in keeping the house naturally cool. The temperature drops by about 4-5 degrees and this eliminates the need for air coolers and air conditioners that consume a lot of water and energy.

House with an Indoor Pond, Maharashtra

Using an Indoor Pond & Mud Pots, This Unique House Cools Itself With no AC!

Using an indoor pond and mud pots, this unique house cools itself with no AC. The majority of the house is made with organic materials such as Black Basalt Stones, Bricks, Wood and Kadappa Bamboo. While the house partially runs on solar power and the rainwater harvesting system is underway, in terms of waste management, the family produces almost zero wet waste as most of it goes into the garden through composting.

Eco-friendly House, Kerala

This 12,000 square feet home, with bamboo forming the skeleton of the building, was built entirely from waste, without cutting a single tree. 24 houses no longer in use were purchased & demolished. Wood, Bricks, Tiles and Stones of these houses were used. The most interesting factor was that the house was built in a matter of four months!

100% Recyclable House, Haryana

Made of Mud & Bamboocrete, this 100% recyclable house beats the heat. Everything in this house is 100% recyclable and it also has a live roof with grass growing on it. As the architect describes herself, the project aimed to understand and explore the potential of raw and unstabilised earth as a viable material for a contemporary house with more than one storey.

‘House on Stream’, Maharashtra

Nature-Loving Architects Build Sustainable House With a Stream Running Through It

This beautiful house is bifurcated into two parts, with a stream at its heart. The architects have designed it such that the stream is visible from every part, and a swimming pool is aligned along the stream. The house also has medicinal & fruit-bearing trees that provide shade and keep the house cool.

The Palmyra house, Mumbai

Made of Local Palmyra Wood, This Mumbai House Was Built by Hand & Needs No ACs!

Made of local palmyra wood, this house was built by hand and needs no AC. Bult using traditional techniques, this house permits light and air to enter but keeps out rain and direct sunshine. It has a minimised footprint and was positioned to preserve as many trees as possible.

The Round House, Andhra Pradesh 

This Mud ‘Round House’ From Andhra Pradesh Can Withstand Mighty Cyclones

The ‘Chutillu’ or round house was built by mixing mud, water and sometimes straw to create a robust material. From 1975 onwards, Andhra Pradesh has faced more than 60 cyclones including the 1977 cyclone which killed 10,000 people and damaged more than a million houses. During these times, the unique structure of the Chutillu houses has been able to withstand the strong winds saving the lives of many fishermen in the coastal regions.

The Coconut Wood House, Goa

In this architectural marvel, collapsible louvred wooden doors serve as walls, opening the house up to nature’s embrace. Also, in line with the environmentally-responsible approach, the house has a fully-functioning rainwater harvesting system with a capacity to save 7 lakh litres of water every year.

The House with Trees within, Kerala

Kerala Man Devotes Bedroom-Sized Space To Trees Growing Inside his House

In the 3700 sq ft home, 600 sq ft is dedicated for a mango tree and 200 sq for a Jamun tree. The living room around the tree has a low ceiling that protects the rustic furniture that the house owner, Mathew, had customised. Farther ahead is a long corridor leading to the dining room that opens up to a bigger courtyard hosting the giant mango tree.

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