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Smashing Stereotypes, These 4 Youngsters Helped Their Parents Find Love Again!

Smashing Stereotypes, These 4 Youngsters Helped Their Parents Find Love Again!

These stories prove that it’s never too late to find love again. All you need to do is take a chance!

Giving love a second chance can be difficult. To find the courage to walk out of an abusive marriage, losing a partner to death, or separation after years of togetherness closes your heart to the prospect of ever wanting to find love again. And more difficult is to convince such a person to love and trust again.

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In moments like these, it is perhaps the people closest to us who help us believe that all hope is not lost.

In a country where the news of single parents tying the knot again still attracts gasps and hushed whispers, there are a few incredible youngsters who have successfully managed or are trying to help their single parents find love for the second time!

This is their story.

The Law Student Who Took to Twitter to Find a Groom for Her Mom

Law student, Aastha Varma, recently made headlines when she took to Twitter to share an adorable picture with her mother with a caption that read, “Looking for a handsome 50-year-old man for my mother! Vegetarian, Non-Drinker, Well-Established. #Groomhunting”

Her move was lauded by netizens with the tweet garnering 33K likes and 7k retweets. While a large section of the Twitterati left some wonderful comments, another section ridiculed and trolled the youngster too.

Varma retaliated with the tweet, “My mother is a teacher, and well-qualified and hence would like appropriate suggestions only. The suitable age group is 45-55. Some meme pages/WAGroups are making fun of it. That is condemnable and they will be immediately taken off. A large section really touched my heart with its support and love. A big thank you to the media outlets as well, for appreciating and respecting our privacy,” she added.

Couple Play Matchmakers, Arrange Remarriage of Their Widowed Mother

india daughter son smash stereotype second marriage parents love inspiring (2)

 Tara was 49 when she lost her husband who had been her companion for 29 years. The pain she suffered in the following years was heartbreaking for her son, Sushant Zala and his wife Neha. When Tara turned 52, the duo decided to put forth the idea of remarriage to their mother. Though the conversation was awkward at first, when Sushant and Neha counselled Tara, about the importance of love and companionship, she agreed.

The couple got in touch with Natubhai Patel who runs Vina Mulya Amulya Sewa, a nonprofit organisation that helps individuals over 50 years of age meet and find a partner. That is how Tara met 57-year-old Dhanji Jadhav, who was then an employee in the Indian multinational crude oil and gas giant – ONGC. Soon the duo got married.

Sushant and Neha broke the age-old stereotype of Indian parents hunting for brides/grooms for their kids by helping their mother find a companion.

Meet the Kerala Boy Whose Post on Mother’s Second Marriage Won The Internet

india daughter son smash stereotype second marriage parents love inspiring

Gokul Sreedhar was in Class 10 when his mother finally decided to walk out of an abusive marriage.

The Kollam-based engineer shared a Facebook post in Malayalam, which said:

“Amma is a kind of woman who always kept her life aside for others. Her marriage was a tragedy where she suffered a lot. Once, when I saw her with blood oozing out from her forehead after being assaulted, I had asked her why she was still enduring it. I remember what she told me then that she was living for me, and she was ready to endure more.”

After his parents divorced in 2013, Gokul’s mother began working as a librarian in Kollam. When he left home for higher education, he held his mother’s hand and promised himself that he would help her find love again.

But convincing her for a second marriage was a very difficult task. Initially, she rejected the idea outright. But he was able to convince her with the help of his family over a period of time.

Gokul arranged a small celebration of his mother, Mini Ayyappan’s, wedding with a retired army colonel, K Venu, who is a widower with a son and a daughter. He was widely lauded by family, friends and netizens.

In less than a week his emotional post hit 4,600 shares and 43,000 likes. Speaking to TBI, he revealed how several people connected with him and shared their experiences and dreams of getting their single parents married as well. Read the full story here.

After Her Father’s Death, This Daughter Helped Her Mother Find Love Again!

india daughter son smash stereotype second marriage parents love inspiring

Sanhita Agarwal lost her father a few years ago to silent heart attack. His death left a big void in the life of her mother, Geeta. Following her father’s death, Sanhita felt her heart break each day as she watched her mother gaze longingly at the spots her father favoured around the house.

Sometimes she would sob uncontrollably in the middle of the night asking Sanhita, “Papa kaha hai?” (Where is Papa?)

When Sanhita moved to Gurugram to work, she had to leave her mother behind in Jaipur. But the thoughts of her mother’s grief tormented Sanhita.

Wanting her mother to give love a second chance, she created a profile for her on a popular matrimony website and entered her own contact details. When told about the idea, Sanhita’s mother was flabbergasted and angry. She said she’d live alone than be taunted by society about remarrying at 50.

But, the daughter replied:

“Every person has a right to live their life their way without caring about societal pressures. When you are alone at the age of 80, these people will not rush to your aid. Only a life partner can do that, and you would do that for him in turn. You deserve to give your life a second chance. It wasn’t your fault if Papa had to go, but it’ll be your fault now not to give yourself another chance, mom. Please think.”

In December 2017, Geeta married 55-year-old Krishnan Gopal Gupta, a Revenue Inspector from Banswara. Gupta, who contacted Sanhita on the matrimonial site, had lost his wife to cancer in 2010 and is a father of two sons.

400 people attended the celebration to give their blessings to the couple! Read the full story here.

india daughter son smash stereotype second marriage parents love inspiring
Sanhita and her mom

These stories prove that it’s never too late to find love again. All you need to do is take a chance!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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