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Bengaluru Start-Up’s Innovation Can Turn Any Air Conditioner Into An Air Purifier

Bengaluru Start-Up’s Innovation Can Turn Any Air Conditioner Into An Air Purifier

For a country that contains 14 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world, an air purifier is fast becoming a necessity. Here's an innovative fix.

Two years ago, when Aayush Jha devised a way to help his father’s medical condition, little did he know he would be introducing a solution to a major global issue – air pollution.

Over the next few years, he started an IoT-based air quality monitoring and purification company – which transforms any Air Conditioner into an air purifier and even vouches on its affordability and accuracy!

Speaking to The Better India, he shared, “My father is a government employee which meant that he had would be transferred across the country. And, two years ago, he was transferred to Ghaziabad, which is well-known for its depleted air quality. In a few weeks, his health deteriorated, and by Diwali he began to face serious difficulty in breathing. ”

Like everyone else, he decided to buy an air purifier. But as he soon discovered – the market models were expensive and with no proper monitoring system.

“How were we expected to invest so much money and yet not get any guarantee on the quality?” he said.

This prompted 28-year-old Aayush to launch his Bengaluru-based startup, Clairco.

He uses “low drag nano-tech air filters” to purify the air in enclosed spaces like buildings, cars, etc. by retrofitting it to any air conditioner.

In other words, once these special filters are fitted into the ACs, they turn into air purifiers. Further, the low-drag air filters make it compatible with low-power fans as well.

Photo Source: Facebook/Aayush Jha; Pixabay

Another unique feature of the system is its robust monitoring system. Aayush shared that, unlike their predecessors, Clarico did not want to depend on guesswork and provide its customers with reliable and transparent monitoring systems.

Hence, based on predictive intelligence and using connective devices, Clairco accurately analyses air quality data in a particular place and accordingly installs their filters.

“Our system can be connected via WiFi. It then sends cumulative data to a dashboard on a mobile application or a web browser. The data clearly shows the amount of particulate matter present in the air. Our device can purify and eliminate up to 2.5-micron particulate matter, which by international standards is considered the most harmful,” added Aayush.

According to Clairco, the need for such a product in India arises from the fact that 14 out of 20 most polluted cities in the world are actually in India.

“In these cities, the air quality indoors sometimes is five times worse than outdoors. And, as we spend most of our time indoors. So, this was the first step to begin in combating air pollution,” Aayush said.

The same device also alerts the users when the filter is in need of a replacement.

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“These alerts are extremely crucial for the mechanism to do its work effectively. So mapping the data against the filter life, Clairco replaces the filter on the exact time to ensure the best quality. We are the only company that promises clean air, as the analysis is done through machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI),” he said.

Based on monthly subscriptions, Clairco only operates for commercial spaces and businesses, for now, at a rate of Rs 2 per sq. ft, every month.

Covering almost 5 lakh sq ft across four cities- Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai, the company plans to expand soon to encompass nearly 3 million sq ft across the country.

“As the idea erupted out from the adverse situation in a domestic household, we plan to introduce Clairco for domestic spaces by 2020,” said Aayush. He also added that outreach to introduce the system in cabs is also underway.

With a lot in store, the founder expressed to make air purifier soon an affordable and mainstream product for all Indian households!

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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