Lost Your Train Ticket & Need a Duplicate One? Here’s What You Can Do!

There is no need to worry if you lose/mutilate your ticket, as IRCTC has you covered.

The last thing that you would expect before your much-anticipated train journey is a misplaced ticket. Or worse, a few, if you are travelling with family. Since we can never be careful enough, it is bound to happen. Thankfully, there is no reason to worry, as the IRCTC has got your back. According to NDTV, passengers can now get a duplicated ticket on paying a certain fee.

The Indian Railways Portal outlines two scenarios.

1. If the loss of confirmed/RAC ticket is reported before the preparation of the reservation chart, a duplicate ticket can be issued. The charges are Rs 50 for a sleeper class ticket and Rs 100 for other classes.

2. However, if the loss of ticket is reported after the preparation of a reservation chart, the duplicate ticket will cost you around 50% of the reservation fare.

Well, here are five important points to remember about the IRCTC policy of duplicate tickets.

The IRCTC has you covered in case you need a duplicate ticket. Image Credit: Mobile Ticket Booking IRCTC
The IRCTC has you covered in case you need a duplicate ticket. Image Credit: Mobile Ticket Booking IRCTC

1. A torn or mutilated confirmed or RAC ticket can be issued at the cost of 25% of the fare, after the preparation of the reservation chart. Charges are the same for the issue of a duplicate ticket, instead of the lost/misplaced ticket, before chart preparation.

2. Those who have mutilated waitlisted tickets are not eligible for duplicates.

3. Based on the face of the ticket and extent of damage, a refund is allowed if the mutilation is genuine and authentic.

4. If you are an RAC ticket holder and lose your ticket after the preparation of a reservation chart, you are not eligible for a duplicate ticket.

5. If by a stroke of luck, you manage to find the ticket you originally misplaced, bring it along with the new duplicate ticket before the train departs. You will get a refund for the duplicate, sans a 5% of the total ticket amount, subject to a minimum of Rs 20.

The IRCTC has always been fair with regards to customers who are in genuine need. For those who need to cancel their trips for any reason, the IRCTC has them covered with refunds. However, you must be careful about the rules of disqualification, which you can read about here.

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The IRCTC has a revamped website, so ticket booking is indeed a breeze. With its new features, the website is easier to navigate. Read about the eight new features here.

Well, whenever you decide to book your next trip, the Railways has you covered, in case you lose your ticket, or need to cancel your trip!

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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