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‘Blade Cricketer’ to Lead Team India at Tri-Nation T20 Series for the Disabled!

The T20 team is participating in the disabled tri-nation series. Image courtesy:Twitter

The cricket team is enthusiastic, and hopes to perform well.

The IPL with all its glitz, glamour and marketing, has parked itself firmly on the interest-list of cricket fans in India. Well, this tri-nation T20 cricket tournament is going on right now, and India has a team representing the country. Sweating and training hard, these players have not let disability affect them.

The 6th-floor terrace of a building off Theatre Road has an AstroTurf pitch. A lack of proper practice facilities doesn’t deter these enthusiastic athletes, who will battle it out for top honours in the series, starting today.

Cricketers, some of them with more than 40% disability, faced a bowling machine, sending deliveries at 145 kmph. The athletes sounded enthusiastic and optimistic.

The T20 team is participating in the disabled tri-nation cricket series. Image courtesy:<a href="">Twitter</a>
The T20 team is participating in the disabled tri-nation cricket series. Image courtesy:Twitter

The team captain, Suvro Joarder, is the world’s first ‘blade cricketer’. In 2008, Suvro was a highly sought-after cricketer, well-known in Bengal’s cricket circuit. Unfortunately, an untimely bike accident took away his right leg. Suvro wasn’t disheartened, and thus began a long struggle–to learn how to use prosthetic limbs, and finally go back to the sport he loves.

A fast bowler Mandeep Singh, who lost his wrist to a grass cutter, learnt how to bowl and play cricket again.

Among the team members is a college professor from Mumbai, Mayur Dumasia, who lost his right arm at the age of 15, told The Telegraph how he re-learnt how to bat and bowl, using his left hand. Although he had faced a bowling machine before, he said the session was great, adding that its frequency could improve.

The cricketers felt happy and look forward to the match with Nepal today, especially after their victory over a team of 1st and 2nd division cricketers, in Vivekananda Park on Monday, 23rd April 2018 (please specify the date).

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The players do not let their disabilities come in the way of their dreams. Here’s hoping India brings this cup home, and these cricketers shine when their moment comes.

(Edited by Shruti Singhal)

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