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Curious Cat Gets Head Stuck in Pot. Villagers Join Hands To Take It Off!

We all know just how curious cats can be. Murugammal had kept some curd in a steel pot; the cat dipped her head into it, and it somehow got stuck.

When a curious and greedy black cat found her head stuck inside a potful of curd, the villagers of Komaneri, which is in Tuticorin, rushed to her rescue!

On Thursday, when Murugammal was busy cooking food in her home, she failed to realise a cat had entered the space.

We all know just how curious cats can be. Murugammal had kept some curd in a steel pot; the cat dipped her head into it, and it somehow got stuck.

It took a few seconds for the cat to realise what had happened, and panicking; she sprinted out of the house with the pot firmly in place.

black cat tamil nadu village rescue
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After running around frantically to no avail, the cat sat down on the road. When one of the villagers, a woman named S Paradesiammal tried to help, the cat panicked and scratched her.

Then, the villagers came together and began to brainstorm about possible solutions to help the cat, who was unquestionably in distress.

While some brought a hammer and a crowbar to cut the pot open, others were quick to reject the idea since it posed the danger of grievously injuring the cat, and suggested that it might also lead to her death.

The Times of India reported that finally, one of them came up with the idea of using a cutting plier. The rest agreed, and the vessel was carefully cut with the plier, and the cat’s agony was finally over.

While the cat ran away immediately, the villagers were quite pleased with themselves for the successful completion of their cat rescue mission!

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In today’s times, people barely have the time to rescue another human, so we salute the selfless effort of these humble villagers who came forward to help their furry buddy anyway.

What is also interesting is that despite the misconceptions and stereotypes most people associate with black cats, the villagers didn’t think twice before rushing to the rescue of the voiceless animal.

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Feature image in-set credit: Times of India.

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