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This 7-Month-Old Dog Was Going to Die. Until This Woman Did Something Incredible.

This 7-Month-Old Dog Was Going to Die. Until This Woman Did Something Incredible.

Bleeding from his wound and infested with maggots, Bruno had little to no chance.

Some of us feed the stray Indie dogs that roam our neighbourhoods. But how many of us will go the extra, extra mile to save the friendly neighbourhood Indie’s life? While giving a dog a biscuit may alleviate hunger, what about the scores of animals that are sick and need immediate medical attention?

Well, when Anjali realised her street’s Bruno was in deep trouble, she didn’t leave any stone unturned in helping the poor animal out.

Bruno the Indie dog, after his first procedure.
Bruno the Indie dog, after his first procedure.

Anjali feeds many strays in Nehru Place, Delhi. On 29th August 2017, she had gone to feed the dogs as usual, when she noticed that one of them, named Bruno, was present after being missing for almost two whole days. When Anjali saw him this time, she was horrified.

The 7 or 8-month-old dog had acquired an infection, as a result of which is his testicular area was infested with crawling maggots. It was a grisly sight, one hard to forget.

“It was a scene straight out of a horror movie”, recounts Anjali, who immediately decided to act to save the dog’s life.

She didn’t want to catch Bruno since he wasn’t friendly, so she called a private catcher, Ravi, who helped send Bruno to an NGO in Rajkori, where the resident doctor performed an emergency urethrostomy surgery. The doctor diagnosed the poor dog and found that the entire pelvic area, including his urethra, was infested with maggots, and surgery was the only way forward.

The surgery was successful, and the next day the doctor provided an update, which gave some relief. Bruno would take around a month to heal, and once healed could go back to normal life.

However, it seemed fate had other things in store for the poor animal. His suffering had only just begun three weeks after the surgery, the doctor called Anjali in panic, saying that Bruno wasn’t able to pass urine, as his urinary passage had closed. Anjali panicked, as she wasn’t able to comprehend the situation.

The doctor explained that once the wound had begun to heal the urine passage had begun to close, as is the body’s natural reaction to any wound. The body tries to close and heal the wound. The tissues need to grow back. The only problem was, this was the dog’s urinary tract, that was closing and healing, rendering urination impossible.

Bruno the Indie, after his second procedure.
Bruno the Indie, after his second procedure.

“What are the options,” asked Anjali, as the situation was dire, and Bruno needed to be helped immediately.

The doctor explained, that as a temporary measure, a catheter would help the dog urinate. But, of course, this could not be a permanent solution. In time, Bruno’s pelvic area would degenerate, and the poor canine would need to be put down.

“I couldn’t believe what was happening. We had all saved Bruno. How can I let him die just like that? Slowly and in pain? Refusing to give up, I desperately searched for an alternative”, said Anjali.

Anjali wanted a cure for Bruno and needed it fast. She looked and tried all around, and prayed for a miracle, which ultimately happened.

A friend referred her to a senior surgeon, Dr Gautam Anand, saying he was an experienced and renowned vet, and probably the only one who could save Bruno’s life. Anjali wasted no time in taking the dog for a check-up to the surgeon’s clinic in Vikaspuri.

The surgeon checked the dog and flashed a bright smile, which re-assured Anjali that things just might be okay. The doctor went on to explain that he had trained in the US a few months back for these complicated procedures. So, on 29th November 2017, Bruno’s life-changing surgery was done.

Bruno the Indie dog thankfully had a successful operation, and is now on the road to recovery.
Bruno the Indie dog thankfully had a successful operation, and is now on the road to recovery.

It was a Wednesday, and the surgery and subsequent recovery took 48 hours and Rs 15,000. Anjali took to social media, to send out an urgent appeal to save the life of the virtually unknown little indie dog, Bruno.

The universe came forward to help, and the money got raised in 12 hours flat. Total strangers started to pitch money for the surgery, and some students contributed from their pocket money as well.

The surgery took an hour, with Dr Manu performing it on Bruno. All the while, Anjali sat outside and kept praying. Miraculously Dr Anand was able to find a little bit of Bruno’s urethra (1mm) to stitch back.

48 hours later, Bruno was transported back to an NGO in Rajkori, but as soon as the dog reached the centre, he began to bleed. So it was back to Dr Anand’s clinic, for ten days of postoperative care.

Again, a sum of Rs 15,000 was required for Bruno’s post-operative care. Once again, Anjali took to social media, and the Universe came together to deliver. Anjali decided that Bruno deserved only the best private boarding, till he finds a forever home.

Fortunately, Bruno found a place in Paws Pet Boarding, run by Sam and Jitten in C.R Park. Ever since Bruno started living there, he transformed, into an energetic, adorable and playful dog. He quickly made friends with other dogs in the facility, and two kind sponsors decided to sponsor his foster home fees, till he finds a forever home.

“Anyone who meets Bruno can never tell, that at one point in time, he was an ordinary street dog, with the most uncertain future. He was undoubtedly going to be euthanised, had we not found a miracle. But thanks to his extraordinary luck the blessings of hundreds of people and their generous donations, Bruno has lived to tell his story. ‘, says Anjali.

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She signs off by saying that if this worked for Bruno, it can for others as well. Please do not ever give up on your dog, as it is that very moment when you refuse to give up that miracles happen.

All photo credits:- Anjali Kakati.

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