Redefining Monsoon Charity: This Actor Had the Right Idea When It Came to Help

govind namdev-monsoon charity-mumbai-rains-beggars

Govind Namdev decided to help the underprivileged families on the streets of Mumbai in an unusual manner and gifted them food, umbrellas and raincoats

The Mumbai floods saw a barrage of tweets and social media messages from celebrities asking Mumbaikars to stay safe. Among the lot, a particular actor decided to help the underprivileged families on the streets of Mumbai in an unusual manner.

Redefining the idea of monsoon charity, senior Hindi & Marathi cinema actor, Govind Namdev, gifted food, umbrellas and raincoats to beggars on the streets of Mumbai.

govind namdev-monsoon-charity-mumbai-rains-beggars
Source: Facebook

A gesture as simple as this had the power to ease the woes of those usually sidelined thinking they don’t have much to lose.

The OMG – Oh My God actor shed light on his decision to help the homeless. Govind said in a statement, “My car was stuck in traffic on Tuesday evening. Then I saw the children at the signal, who were suffering from the water around. There were many young girls with kids who were just five-six months old. And their mothers were trying to protect them from the rain with clothes and torn umbrellas. That thing really touched my heart. I got out from my car and just asked my driver to get them some milk and vada pav from a nearby store. I also then bought them some new bigger umbrellas and raincoats.”

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The whole of Mumbai saw torrential rains with some suburban areas recording a staggering 316 mm rainfall in merely 12 hours. It was deemed the highest record since the July 26, 2005, Mumbai deluge.

The city, paralysed by rains, is now struggling to get back its routine slowly as several livelihoods were affected. More power to people like Govind who prove lending a helping hand can truly transform lives, no matter how small the gesture.

We hope Govind’s story encourages a lot many people to help the underprivileged in every way they can. A cup of chai, a simple snack like a vada pav, raincoats, umbrellas or even dry clothes you don’t need, can go a long way in helping restore hope among individuals losing it in this time of crisis. Are you willing to take the first step?

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