These ‘Con Artists’ from the French Riviera Might Help Prevent Suicides and You Can Help. Find Out How.

A group of proactive citizens in Mangaluru are doing their bit to help fund a suicide prevention helpline. Starting off the awareness campaign is the staging of a musical, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

A group of women in Mangaluru have come together to help raise funds for a helpline to prevent suicides, as reported by the Bangalore Mirror.

Harriet Vidyasagar, Sabrina Brittio Hougaard, Dr Kalpana Ashfaque and Usha Rodrigues, through the C.A.U.S.E Foundation (Cooperation of the Arts for the Underprivileged in Society & Environment), are organising a special show of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a musical comedy, directed by Leila Alvares, to create awareness about the helpline.

Susheg Lifeline is a suicide prevention helpline that was set up with the support of the Susheg Charitable Trust. The project is led by Dr Lavina Noronha, and is in collaboration with educational institutions like St Agnes College and St Aloysius College PG Dept of Social Work among others, and a number of Mangaluru’s citizens.

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This group of proactive citizens want to spread as much information about the helpline in the coming days as possible, especially on September 10 – which is World Suicide Prevention Day.

– The phone line will operate through a toll-free (if possible) helpline.

– A receptionist, with a postgraduate degree in social work, counseling or psychology will be appointed, and trained in suicide intervention. He/She will then intimate a trained volunteer, who will get in touch with the suicidal person.

About the play –

The musical comedy is set in the French Riviera and is about two con artists, Lawrence Jamieson and Freddy Benson, who make a living by swindling money out of wealthy women.

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When the town becomes too small for both of them to operate side by side, they devise a way to decide who stays and who must leave.

The special show will be staged at 3.00 pm, followed by a regular show at 6.15 pm on September 10 at the Town Hall in Mangaluru.

You can contact Susheg Charitable Trust by clicking here
Email – Here

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