Kids in a Village Were Not Going to School. Till These Three Girls Did Something Incredible!

This is the extraordinary story of three young girls and their never-say-die spirit, which has changed the education scenario in a small village near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. They faced apathy, taunts and humiliation in their battle against ignorance and deep conservatism. Thanks to their efforts, 90% of the children in their village attend school today.
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This Man Wants Girls to Study. Even If He Has to Pay Them to Come to School!

A Non-Resident Indian (NRI) made his way back to India to work on the issue of girls’ education in rural Uttar Pradesh. His interesting initiative has girls getting Rs 10 for every day of school attendance and even a toilet at home if the attendance exceeds 70%. But the biggest reward is watching the young women get empowered to work and become independent.
Vansh finally met his father after two years.

An 8-Year-Old Was Missing for 2 Years. Until Whatsapp Reunited Him with His Family.

More than one lakh children go missing in our country every year. Most of them are never found again by their families and vanish into the unknown. Vansh could have been one such child had not an NGO called Drishti, 1,500 km away from his home, found his father with the help of some good people in Sikkim and the Station House Officer in Modinagar.

She Showed How It Is Possible for ONE Girl to Transform an Entire Village through Education

Education was the last thing on the minds of Mallahipurva villagers. Especially for girls, who were considered as just extra hands to support the family. But one girl, Gudiya, fought all odds and became the first one in her village to pass Secondary School. She did not stop at just this. She started a school for other kids in her own house and made sure they embraced the gift of education too. This is how she brought about the transformation.
TLA team gives practical training that the participants could implement in their jobs.

They Are Converting Rural India Into Entrepreneurs And Skilled Employees

From providing various skills and training to connecting the students with potential employers, TARA livelihood Academy is bridging the gap between the rural community and employment. From offering on-ground work experience to building capabilities and linkages for starting one's own enterprise, TLA is covering all grounds. Read more about their work.