Reviving The Green Cover In The Kanha-Pench Wildlife Corridor, One Sapling At A Time

Deforestation in the country is not news anymore. With rapid industrialization and rising needs, we have been cutting down trees for quite some time. Now there is an immediate need to bring back the green cover, and Vodafone India, along with Grow-Trees, has taken a positive step in this direction. They have started planting 300,000 trees along the Kanha-Pench corridor. The saplings selected are of native and useful species in order to create an extra income source for the villagers. Here we profile the salient features of this initiative, which can serve as a case study for more projects of a similar nature.
Overall it was an enlightening experience for the children at the school as well as the Nirmal Bharat Yatra team as they learnt from each other.

The Nirmal Bharat Yatra – Breaking the Menstrual Taboo And Other Barriers

Aneesha Menon, an India Water Portal Fellow, travels with The Nirmal Bharat Yatra (Great WASH Yatra) to understand the mindset in rural India on health and sanitation issues and to educate young girls on menstrual cycle and hygienic practices. While the lack of awareness is shocking, Aneesha finds an eagerness to learn and adapt which is encouraging. On visiting two schools to take a survey, she is happy to note that their visit seems to have left a positive impact on the young minds.