TBI Travel: Art, Architecture And Culture In The Kangra Valley

Here is a first hand experience of a journey to the amazing Himachal Pradesh and its beautiful valleys. Join Gayatri Mendanha as she visits intense music concerts, tries her hand at art and pottery, samples exotic dishes like the Kangri dham, finds peace in the serene monasteries, experiences the thrill of paragliding, and much much more in just a few exciting days!

Corporate Initiative: Help Atmaram And His Sheep Survive Harsh Winters (Tata Capital’s ‘Half Stories’ Series)

Tata Capital Limited has recently launched an initiative that connects with individuals and communities living in some of the remotest parts of the country and brings to light their unique stories, dreams and challenges. Called ‘Half Stories – The Journey of Doing Right’ because the other half of the story is going to be scripted by ordinary people like you and me, who can come forward to help the people in need realise their dreams and improve their lives. Read how you can be a part of this.
In calmer times, the beautiful Spiti Valley is a paradise for trekkers

How I Escaped A Snowstorm In Spiti

Yoginder Sikand was just settling in for some peace and quiet in a tiny hamlet of the deliriously scenic Spiti ecosphere, when he was hit by the recent snowstorm. Faced with the possibility of being stuck without food and warmth for weeks, he decided that he would try to get to a bigger town and seek help. But how was he to find his way, being completely foreign to those parts and terrains? Much to his wonder, a helping hand was always around!
Kshitij conducting a session on giving an insight to the students on Career opportunities

TBI Changemakers: Kshitij Mehra – Showing The Path To Young Minds

It takes courage to be a shining beacon for others. Especially for young and influential minds. However, it is a responsibility few take on, so that there is some kind of guidance available for children to make those tough career choices at the crucial time in life. Meet Kshitij Mehra, one such shining beacon, spreading awareness in the hills of Himachal at present.
Mr Sharma with an elder in Old Age Home

TBI Heroes: Vidya Rattan Sharma – Incorporating Modern Ways To Solve Age-Old Problems

This is the story of a remarkable man, Mr. Vidya Rattan Sharma, who started as a cook in a local NGO, and went on to create several innovative products in the area of cooking stoves, traditional medicine, organic farming and animal husbandry. His passion for finding solutions to centuries-old problems and determination to carry on his work even in the face of resistance or lack of resources is an inspiration to all.