This IAS Officer Honoured Her Father’s Last Wishes by Donating His Body to Medical Research

Five years ago, PP Chhabra, who was himself an IAS officer, had made the decision to not only donate his organs but also his body to medical research.

He had spent his entire adult life serving the people of India. And even in death, PP Chhabra, a former IAS officer continued to serve. Five years before his death, he had already pledged his body to medical research, so students could learn to save lives.

His daughter, principal secretary of Health and Family Welfare Department, Dr Shalini Rajneesh, has spoken about her father’s decision to not only donate his organs but also his body to research in order to inspire others in the country to follow.

Much like her father in more ways than one (she is also an IAS officer), Dr Shalini Rajneesh has also personally pledged her own organs for donation in the event of her own passing. She said that he was her role model and her family, including her brothers, wanted to honour his final wishes.

The eyes, skin and heart of the 83-year-old were harvested within six hours of his death and his body was donated to Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) where it will be studied by students.

Photo source: Facebook

Dr Shalini Rajneesh, spoke to Bangalore Mirror noting that her own organs have been pledged to the Belgaum Medical College. She said, “Most organs of a person who has been declared brain dead continue to function and can be useful to those who may need them, but because of social constraints, people don’t feel comfortable donating them.”

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But given that organ donations have the potential to change and sometimes even save lives, Dr Shalini Rajneesh has taken it upon herself to promote it in whichever way she can and, in her own way, honour the legacy of her father.

Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute can be contacted here

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