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Teach A Child – A Ray Of Light In The Lives Of Children From Urban Slums


We have entrepreneurs in this country, and then we have entrepreneurs like Rahul Gupta who believe in bringing about a change. The young and vibrant Rahul joins us today to talk about what actually made him spearhead ‘Teach A Child’ Foundation, an NGO committed to providing quality education to children from urban slums.

Teach A Child - Imparting Quality Education to Slum Children
Teach A Child – Imparting Quality Education to Slum Children

Rahul Gupta is a young entrepreneur from Chandigarh who has grown up in an affluent family believing in the ethics pounded in by his family.

He always felt that when motives are good, any situation ends up favouring you somehow. So whether it was his idea to initiate a school or plans of creating a 100-acre forest to offset the emissions with our real-estate work; he feels a spiritual kind of support while driving motivation to action.



Rahul founded ‘Teach A Child’ Foundation to create a stronger foundation of education for slum children. He tells more about this:

The purpose of Teach A Child is to strengthen the base of the weakest kids from low-income backgrounds so that they can excel in higher education. All our kids are selected through a common test conducted, and the failed students are hence selected for the program since they require the maximum assistance. Our program focuses majorly on primary school children since most of them have not attended preschool classes like Kindergarten and hence it’s difficult for them to cope in classes, resulting in them droping-out. We enable kids to go through their ‘kindergarten till 3rd standard’ through a 2 year special support school program in which major focus is on English, Maths and Computers.”



Interestingly, Rahul had a thriving real estate job that required him to travel all across India and that’s how he got a chance to see the ‘real India’. The discovery shocked him and at the same time inspired him to take a step for education.

When I was a child, I had to change schools very frequently due to my father’s job. So having studied at over 8 schools throughout, I realized how the quality of education imparted in schools is very different from each other. Further research exposed me to the fact that there are at least 57% of children who do not complete primary education and how education is the most important medium to spread awareness on different social issues, and this was enough for me to take a step towards TEACH A CHILD.

Yes, the children look happy and bright
Yes, the children look happy and bright

Rahul and his team understands the importance of parents in a child’s education and hence they have made it a point to communicate with them about their rights under the ‘Right to Education Act’ (RTE).

Teach A Child team is currently working on taking the very same to a new level by creating a series of videos on RTE, which further could be used by non-profits all across the country to spread awareness about the rights of a child as per the RTE.

As such, we spread our ideas by holding events, through media channels, social media, youth interactions and through our brand new Teach A Child t-shirts also. We even conduct events in malls such as Teach A Child At Elante Mall in Chandigarh wherein we set up a mock classroom with benches, blackboards and our kids for the visitors at the mall to experience teaching and join the movement.

Numbers speak for TAC's committed efforts!
Numbers speak for TAC’s committed efforts!

Rahul told us that Teach A Child is a number driven organization and hence everything is measured.

Their first batch of 50 kids have shown magnificent improvement and have been growing with a steady pace. Hundred percent of their students have shown positive growth and have shown an average growth of 27% in a span of nine months. He feels so proud of those three girls who also topped their classes in their schools. Regarding financial support, Rahul shared:

We partner with companies for their corporate social responsibility programs and we also have few donation boxes at different outlets in the city that help us sustain. We also hold fundraisers and events to raise funds to expand the organization. Teach A Child is an absolute youth effort – our team, our board of advisors and corporate partners, all are young. Our managing director, Manveen Sarna and our program manager Sid, an IT guy – both of them are quite young and enthusiastic about the whole thing. Our funding partners and board has young people like Mr Anil Advani, a well seasoned lawyer from the Silicon Valley having a strong belief in Teach A Child.



Now, that indeed is a great effort and we are happy to spread a word about Teach A Child. Campaigns like this which focus to partner with the government in the future to place well-trained, worthy teachers to teach at the government schools in order to maximize the impact, deserve a round of applause. Let us rise above our vicious circle of life and join hands with people like Rahul to contribute something in the life of children living in slums.

Innovative promotional strategy - Teach A Child team in Elante Mall
Innovative promotional strategy – Teach A Child team in Elante Mall, Chandigarh

Follow their work and initiatives via their Facebook page:

This post was published on Halabol Voices, which is an initiative of Halabol – a platform for initiating change, and reprinted here with permission.

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