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When Authorities Ignored Her Request, This Home Guard Fixed Dangerous Potholes Herself

When Padmavati, a home guard, saw many dangerous potholes on a highway in Mangaluru, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I BRIBED A COP TODAY!” wrote Nikhil Pai on Facebook. His post went viral – a large number of people supported him, liked his post and even complemented him and the cop.

Surprised? Well, you will support him too after knowing the entire story. The cop he is referring to is Ms. Padmavati. She is actually a home guard who reports to Kulai Traffic Police in Mangaluru. And this is how she won everyone’s heart by going an extra mile for her duty.

The road in front of Baikampady Industrial area had several potholes, which often led to traffic jams and caused problems while driving. Frustrated by the poor state of the road, Padmavati decided to take some action.


Source: Facebook

She first contacted the authorities to fix the roads, but her requests were ignored. This is when she resolved to take matters into her own hands and fixed the road herself.

She somehow managed to get the required material from the authorities and when labourers did not show up to help her, she started working alone in the scorching heat.

“This lady is busy filling the Huge POT HOLE at the NATIONAL HIGHWAY 66 all by herself None to help her. This is actually the job of Nation Highway Engineers but this lady is fixing this because this particular Pot Hole in front of the BAIKAMPADY INDUSTRIAL AREA was the major cause of TRAFFIC BLOCK as there is a U TURN there,” Nikhil wrote on Facebook.

The dedicated lady has completed her ITI diploma course and wants to join the police force or the defence services.

And well, how did Nikhil bribe her? He gave her water and snacks to thank her for the amazing work she was doing and also extended his support.

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