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Where To Find Delhi’s Best Momos? 8 Places Recommended by Foodies

From MKT's Kalsang Cafe to Dolma Aunty's iconic momos, this list will take you through some of the best momo joints Delhi has to offer.

Where To Find Delhi’s Best Momos? 8 Places Recommended by Foodies

Sitting by the window in a classic plastic chair, watching a small tributary of the majestic river Teesta, I find a plate of steamed chicken momos arriving at my table. With every bite of the juicy meat wrapped in a tiny pouch and dipped in the steaming red chutney, ‘heavenly’ is the word that comes to mind.

At that moment, I realised that if I could eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be momos! 

Once a treasure of Nepal and Tibet, these pockets of deliciousness have made their way into India, especially Delhi. The national capital wholeheartedly embraced these morsels of delight. Not only did people devour the dish, but they also experimented with it, creating fusions such as tandoori momos and malai momos. 

Today, hundreds, if not thousands, of momo joints have covered every nook and cranny of the city. But how do you choose the best ones?

By collecting reviews from the biggest foodies, food bloggers, and chefs, The Better India has curated a list of eight momo joints that serve the juiciest and most authentic momos in Delhi!

1. Dilli Haat

If we’re discussing momos and overlooking Dilli Haat, that would be unfair. A vibrant cultural complex in the capital city, the place is renowned for its handcrafted goods, ranging from textiles and pottery to jewellery, home decor items, and of course, food!

While many stalls serve juicy momos, one stands out — MomoMia. Food vlogger and Instagram influencer Himanshu Sehgal (@MyYellowPlate) calls their chicken momos the “best momos in Delhi”.

He wrote, “Apart from being well steamed and decently stuffed, momos were huge in size which makes them very filling and enough for 2 persons. If you like fried things in life, go for their fried chicken momos which is a party in the mouth.”

2. Majnu ka Tilla

Majnu Ka Tila is a Tibetan colony renowned for its vibrant Tibetan culture, bustling markets, and delicious food. It is said to be named after a Sufi mystic named Majnu, who is believed to have resided in the area centuries ago.

Apart from their delicious boba teas and laphing, what is most revered by all the foodies are their momos. Many small stalls serve delicious momos starting at just Rs 50.

However, if you prefer a cafe setting, you can try Delhi’s foodie Osheen Bansal’s favourite spot — Kalsang Cafe. She has been a regular at the cafe for the last five years and highly recommends their veg cheese momos.

3. Malviya Nagar

Another hidden gem for finding some of the best momos in town is Malviya Nagar. In an interview with HT, actor Adaa Khan described her favourite momo spot in the area as Pema Momos. With a small cafe-style seating arrangement, the little eatery boasts delicious Tibetan dishes.

“Malviya Nagar ke momos are the best! In street food, I love only momos, and I love the ones I get at Malviya Nagar, at a place called Pemas. These momos keep calling me back to Delhi,” she says.

While you are at the place, also give their chicken shyaphalay and chicken thenthuk a try; thank us later!

4. Yeti — The Himalayan Kitchen

If you’re eager to explore a variety of momos, then Yeti is the place for you. Located in Hauz Khas Village, this establishment is renowned for its Tibetan, Nepalese, and Bhutanese cuisine, offering a wide range of momo options.

Indulge in their jhol momos, Yeti special kothe momos, aloo momos, or Newari momos, or opt for their momo platter for a grand feast.

Local food influencer Manmeet Singh (@Foodzaggy), with over 56,000 Instagram followers, describes his dining experience at this eatery as distinct and unique. He rates the delicious momos and overall food a perfect 5 out of 5!

5. Mood

Bani Nanda, chef and founder of Miam Pâtisserie, describes the momos at Mood as “heavenly”. A small home kitchen run by a mother-daughter duo, their delicious momos are a must-try in Delhi.

“I have major concerns regarding hygiene when it comes to roadside momos — which have been a major trend in Delhi for about 15 years. I now only eat momos at MOOD Delhi, a small home-run kitchen by the most adorable mother-daughter duo — Nicole and Kusuma Aunty,” said Bani in an interview with Conde Nast.

“Their smoked pork momos are heavenly. When you bite in, you will almost always destroy the momo because of the sheer amount of juices and fatty bits that ooze out. The tamatar chutney is not to be missed!” she added.

6. Hunger Strike

Another delightful place if you like to devour tandoori momos, Hunger Strike is located in Lajpat Nagar. A Lifestyle Asia report noted, “Their chicken Afghani momos and paneer tandoori momos are some of the juiciest momos you will ever have, so make sure to try these.” 

A well-known food blogger Karan Marwah said that the momos here take him back to his college days. “Although they didn’t invent it, Hunger Strike’s tandoori chicken momo was actually my introduction to this Delhi twist of this classic dish. Momo done in the tandoor and tossed in butter, chaat masala and coriander, these momos are addictive,” he wrote on Instagram.

7.  Dolma Aunty Momo

Dolma aunty momos

Speaking of momos in Delhi, how could we ever miss out on this iconic place. Serving Delhi since the early 1990s, Dolma Tersing aka Dolma Aunty has been the go-to place for most Delhi residents.

She started selling a plate of momos for Rs 15 and won the capital city with the taste. Today, she has three stalls in Delhi. The eatery offers a variety of momo fillings, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options such as chicken and pork.

8. Amar Jyoti Restaurant

Located in Sarojini Nagar, the restaurant is food influencer Sameer Bawa (@Spiceitupwithsam)’s go-to joint for a momo fix! He says that the moment he took a bite of their famous tandoori momos, he was left speechless. “Best tandoori chicken momo in Delhi,” he exclaimed on an Instagram reel. “These are the real deal. They are flash-fried chicken momos, marinated in a special masala and then cooked in a tandoor. Chunky, juicy, and full of flavours, they are perfectly complemented by the three dips they give.”

(Edited by Pranita Bhat; All free images)

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