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5 Low-Cost Innovations That Can Transform Rural India

Inverter bulbs and solar insect traps to zero-electricity water purifier, these 5 innovations by Indians are revolutionising rural areas.

5 Low-Cost Innovations That Can Transform Rural India

India has consistently stood as a hub of innovation, where brilliant minds across the country repeatedly showcase their ability to leverage scarce resources and construct remarkable creations. Whether through our time-honoured jugaad or the art of crafting something from scratch, our knowledge knows no bounds.

Here is a compilation of innovations that not only captivate as wonders of science but also harbour the potential to revolutionise rural areas.

1. Uday Bhat’s inverter bulbs

Triggered by the frequent power outages in rural areas, Uday developed an inverter bulb that can provide power for around 8 to 10 hours during power cuts. When the bulb is connected to a power source, energy gets stored in the battery which is used when the power supply is cut off. 

With a cost price of just Rs 250, the innovation is currently lighting up 7,000 villages across the country.

2. Pradeep Kumar’s ‘panels on wheels’

Imagine this — solar panels that harness the sun’s energy while on wheels. Pradeep Kumar’s innovative solution allows farmers to take the panels anywhere in the field, saving both time and money.

The panels are mounted on a trolley, and easily attached to a tractor, enabling farmers to move seamlessly between home and the fields.

3. Nikky and Rashmi Jha’s fridge for farmers

The duo’s ‘Sabjikothi’ is an IoT-enabled tent-like structure designed to extend the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. This innovative solution significantly reduces farmers’ losses due to wastage by keeping the produce fresh for up to 30 days.

In comparison to a traditional fridge, these tents offer 10 times more capacity, save electricity, and cut the cost of refrigeration by half.

4. Anjan Mukherjee’s water purifier

An IIT dropout, Anjan innovated a zero-chemical and zero-electricity device that transforms contaminated drinking water into clean water within 30 minutes.

Designed to be fitted onto hand pumps, the device effectively eliminates waterborne microbes without the need for electricity or chemicals.

5. Karibasappa MG’s insect trap

The low-cost solar-powered insect trap is reducing the need for pesticides in farms. The device uses UV LED lights to trap insects and is not harmful to honey bees.

The current solar insect trap is a fourth-generation model which has an LED light connected to a solar panel which is in turn connected to a battery that stores power. It has gained a lot of appreciation and has already helped thousands of farmers across the country.

(Edited by Pranita Bhat)

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