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‘How Air 70,146 Went on to Become Rank 2 at ISB’: Topper Shares 3 Tips

‘How Air 70,146 Went on to Become Rank 2 at ISB’: Topper Shares 3 Tips

Anurag Yadav, an MBA rank holder from the Indian School of Business, shared tips to help students crack competitive exams in his viral LinkedIn post.

Have you ever felt that students who acquire notable ranks in competitive exams are not always born geniuses but who have received the right tools for academics? Even if your IQ is not good enough, chances are that you can crack any exam. 

And Anurag Yadav from Delhi, a second-rank holder from the Indian School of Business (ISB), agrees. 

The youngster has always considered himself one among the ‘aam janta’ (commoners) but has moulded himself using some ‘tools’.

Anurag, who once had an all India rank (AIR) 70,146 rank, has shared three tips on getting better ranks that have gone viral in a LinkedIn post. “I had always wondered if toppers and AIR rankers are just genius folks with super high IQs but ISB made me realise that someone as average as me can make things happen given the right tools,” he wrote.

Here are the three tools Anurag shares to improve your ranks/ grades and reach your aim with ease:

1. Why (Goal):

“Do something not because everyone is doing it but keep a long-term goal (in mind) and see how cracking an exam/ getting high grades can help achieve it. Also, aim for the stars,” Anurag wrote. 

Before getting an AIR 70,146, he aimed to get a good rank, get into a nice college and thereby acquire a well-paid job. On the contrary, before grabbing Rank 2 in ISB, all he felt was that the subjects were interesting and he wished to get the most out of the year to form the best ed tech venture.

So when the goal evolved, his ranks became better too.

2. What (Environment):

According to Anurag, the people you are surrounded by play a significant role in success. “So identify the right folk and learn from them,” he advises. 

Before getting into ISB, he was in the midst of a group of youngsters who were forced to take up engineering by their parents. Their topics of discussion were mostly sports and movies rather than Physics or Chemistry. Anurag feels this had adversely affected his studies. 

On the other hand, while in ISB, he got into a group of passionate learners who loved their subjects. This brought a healthy competition between them.

3. How (Dedication):

This part includes some quick tools for effective learning. Anurag realised short sessions every day are better than long sessions on a single day. 

During his engineering course, he spent six hours studying on weekends. Minimal sleep was another issue then. He changed this habit and studied for up to one hour every day and slept for 8-10 hours. Instead of reading a concept once, he went through it multiple times. All these contributed to Anurag’s success.

“I hope the above tips help/ inspire a few of the mango people like me,” he wrote.

Read the full post here.

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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