Businesswoman Goes From Earning Rs 20/Day To Starting a Rs 30 Crore Brand

Inspiring story of Chinu Kala

Having left home with only Rs 300 at the age of 15, Chinu Kala went on to build a successful lifestyle and jewellery brand.

When Chinu Kala left home with Rs 300 in her pocket and nothing more, she hadn’t the slightest idea that this would be the beginning of a memorable journey. A 15-year-old Chinu started going from door to door as a salesgirl. She would sell coasters and knives and at night go back to her dorm which she shared with 25 other girls.

Despite a meagre earning of Rs 20 a day, Chinu persisted.

In 2010, she entered the Gladrags Mrs India Pageant and was selected among the top 10 finalists, which shaped her modelling career.

She then went on to start her very own jewellery and lifestyle brand — Rubans Accessories. The business grossed a whopping turnover of Rs 30 crore.

Her message to entrepreneurs is — “Choose a business where you can either add value or solve a problem for the customer. If you get this right, half the battle is already won.”

Watch her incredible journey here: