Watch: ‘I Am 3ft 11in Tall, But Now I Find Respect in Once-Scornful Eyes’

Harwinder Kaur Janagal is 3 feet 11 inches tall and the shortest advocate of India

Punjab-based Harwinder Kaur wasn't one to let her height get in the way of achieving her big dreams. Watch her inspiring story here.

Harvinder Kaur Janagal was 10 years old when she realised that she won’t be an ‘average’ person. It took her years to outgrow society’s concept of ‘normalcy’ and embrace who she is.

Harvinder is a 3 foot 11-inch tall advocate from Jalandhar, Punjab. The 25-year-old is the only one in her family born with dwarfism.

Life wasn’t smooth sailing for Harvinder. She faced teasing and bullying at school, which pushed her onto the verge of depression.

But by gaining strength, she completed her LLB in 2020 and joined Jalandhar sessions court.

From being a self-conscious girl, Harvinder has blossomed into a body-positive inspiration. She is an influencer with thousands of followers and has endorsed several brands on social media.

Harvinder observes that the same people who bullied her as a kid, now respect her. “Today, the sly remarks have turned into compliments,” she added. After all, it is you who should respect yourself primarily. Everyone else will follow.

Watch this advocate’s inspiring story here:

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