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Did You Know Karnataka Is Home to a Hidden ‘Hill of Dwarves’?

Moryar Gudda or ‘Hill of the Dwarfs’ in Hire Benakal village of Karnataka is not just one of India’s largest necropolises, it is also one of the oldest megalithic sites in the world.

While you might have heard of Hampi down south, it’s time you visited Moryar Gudda, if you haven’t already.

This megalithic gem is hidden in the rocky ranges of Karnataka.

The cluster of tiny stone homes-like structures has attracted many historians, travellers and missionaries in the day. Recognised as one of the largest necropolises in South Asia, Moryar Gudda (or Hill of Dwarves) stands in the megalithic village of Hire Benakal.

The dolmens are believed to be funerary structures constructed for the ancient civilisation of the now-desolate village. Formations of two to three vertically standing stones can be seen supporting a flat top every few metres of the way. Archaeological studies suggest that these structures were built back in the Iron Age.

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Anecdotal claims of these dolmens being built by the dwarf race of Moriyas are another point of interest about this site. Many have found a contextual parallel to JRR Tolkein’s Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings. If you’re a fan, you’ll know why.

Watch this video to see the wonders that Moryar Gudda houses:

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