Watch: World No 1 in U-18 Youth Long Jump, Tailor’s Daughter Breaks Barriers & Records

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Jhanshi’s Shaili Singh is an international long jump champion who has been breaking national records with her performance.

Jhansi’s Shaili Singh is taking leaps of victory as an international long jump champion. When she began her training, she didn’t even have shoes to run in. Yet, today, the young athlete has bagged the World No. 1 Title in U-18 Youth Long Jump.

Shaili’s coaching took place at Anju Bobby George Sports Foundation. However, she had to move 1,600 km away from her home to Bengaluru to be trained. This was not easy, but her single mother Vinita, who worked as a tailor, stood by her young daughter all the way. Shaili’s coach was Robert Bobby George, husband and coach to Anju Bobby George, India’s first world champion at the IAAF World Athletics Final.

Today, when you see the 17-year-old effortlessly jump to new heights every time, it’s hard to comprehend the hardships she went through. The young champion is one of the top 20 rankers across the world in the list of U-18 long jumpers.

Watch the incredible story of her success here:

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