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Flameless Stoves Designed by IT Officer Cut Carbon Emissions by 10 Million Tonnes

Flameless Stoves Designed by IT Officer Cut Carbon Emissions by 10 Million Tonnes

Income tax officer Hari Rao is the founder of Agnisumukh, a venture that produces energy-efficient stoves. Today, Agnisumukh designs everything from barbeque cooktops to industrial gas stoves.

Commonly known as ‘the ideal fuel for modern living’, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is one of the most widely used energy sources for cooking in India. The stove industry dates back to nearly 36 years and despite its wide application, it has seen little innovation. An income tax official, Hari Rao however decided to shake up the industry with his fuel efficient technology — Agnisumukh.

Rao’s journey started in 2006 when he started taking a particular interest in cooking and quickly realised the stoves being used had immense scope for improvement. After several years of research he came up with a stove that cuts fuel consumption by 70 per cent.

While traditional stoves have low thermal efficiency and operate at high gas pressure leaving behind a layer of carbon soot, Rao’s stoves are made of ceramic burners and are flameless. The ceramic heats up and creates uniform heat which saves fuel. It also does not leave any residue and is smokeless. Apart from saving fuel, the technology also helps reduce the use of water and soap required to clean traditional stoves.

In 2016, Agnisumukh found its way to the kitchens of Rashtrapati Bhavan and since then it is being used by a long list of high profile clients such as ITC Hotels, Infosys, Apollo Hospitals, Radisson Blu and Park Plaza.

“India has put a target of bringing down our carbon footprint by 10 million tonnes by 2020. With our technology, in India alone, we have the potential to bring down the entire carbon footprint.” Rao says.

Watch this video to know more about how Agnisumukh is combating pollution and revolutionising the stove industry.

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