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This 24 Year Old Works in a Hotel so he can Support his Ideas for Saving Mother Earth


Manjunath not only works in the hotel but also educates them about food waste management, recycling and much more. Here’s all you need to know about this young changemaker and how you can help him save our planet.

Manjunath is just 24 but he has big plans. Plans to save the Earth. And he has put everything he had on stake to make sure he achieves his goal.

Born in an economically challenged family in Thiruvananthpuram, Manjunath had responsibilities to fulfill and he started working as a hotel staff in Kerala. In spite of this, he did not put his plans in the backseat and did everything he could do to spread awareness about issues crucial to save the environment.


He started an NGO My Mother My Earth to engage communities and reach out to people at large in the field of environment protection.

He has come up with interesting ideas to solve the issue of waste management.
Manjunath (right) has come up with interesting ideas to solve the issue of waste management.

Through his NGO, he is actively working on waste collection, re-cycle and re-use program. He is also trying to educate hotels on proper food waste management and working in re-cycling of dry waste, etc.

When his job came in the way of his initiatives, he quit the job and committed himself to the cause full time. He came to Bengaluru to take his cause to the next level. But sustaining in the city without a regular source of income was difficult, especially when he had his NGO’s expenses to look after too. To support his cause, he again started working in a hotel and spending the rest of his time in connecting with the community and coming up with viable solutions.

This young guy has some amazing ideas for better waste management-



This is a medical service for plants and crops. The aim of the project is to promote and support organic farming by providing services like consultation on plant diseases and plant growth enhancements by organic methods, avoiding the use of chemicals. Through this project, he also plans to empower organic farmers by providing organic pesticides and fertilizers.

“Farmers need to produce their own organic fertilizers and pesticides as the products commercially available in the market are not helping them to utilize the capacity of the soil. In the face of large scale destruction of soil fertility, there is an acute need to preserve and grow the fragile agricultural fertility and dwindling farming ecosystem. Farmers are looking for personal consultation to solve their problems. CROP HOSPITAL is an initiative to fill this need,” he says.

Manjunath is trying to bring the community together for his cause.
Manjunath is trying to bring the community together for his cause.


This is a voluntary initiative by Manjunath’s NGO to enable public access to grants/funds for harnessing green (renewable, ecologically friendly) resources such as: installing solar panels, bio-gas plants, rainwater harvesting, rainwater-well refilling and micro-check dams, etc.


He also wants to empower the public to file complaints/petitions in case of violation of environmental rights such as illegal encorachments on fresh-water bodies, dumping of industrial effluents into lakes and rivers, lumbering, quarrying, poaching, etc.

But to give shape to these amazing ideas, he needs funds and resources, for which he has started a crowdfunding campaign. The funds will be utilised to reach the community at large, get more people involved and implement the projects he has in mind.

Apart from spreading awareness, he also helps people with waste segregation, spreads awareness about the 4Rs (Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, Reduce), reaching out to schools and communities with his message, etc.

The young changemaker also approaches schools to get students on board.
The young changemaker also approaches schools to get students on board.

From a lack of interest to ignorance from the community, Manjunath has faced several challenges. While reaching out to the right kind of people has come out as the biggest challenge, but it has not diminished his courage and determination to make the Earth a better place.


Manjunath has been constantly trying to make his initiative reach out to more people. He needs mentors and funds to give a proper shape to his ideas and you can help him achieve that.

To support him, contribute for his fundraising campaign and help him build a better world.

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