Magnificent India: Through the Lens of the International Space Station

Terry Virts brings to you pictures of India straight from the International Space Station and they are unbelievably heavenly. These pictures and videos shall be the best ones you see today and tomorrow and day after and, in short, for a long time to come.

Terry Virts, a NASA astronaut who is currently commanding the ongoing Expedition 43, recently posted a series of majestic photographs and videos of India. These pictures straight from the International Space Station manage to capture India, in all her glory.

At first, he plays peek-a-boo with the different cities of India and gifts us with glimpses which are amazingly breathtaking.


He also captures the difference of the day and the night time whilst flying across India.

However, it is his video of India hit by a storm which poses as the ultimate jaw-dropping experience.

Through his pictures and videos, Terry Virts has established a separate and stunning image of India in our minds.