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10 Reasons Why Drumsticks Need to Be in Your Hair Conditioner & Skincare Products

10 Reasons Why Drumsticks Need to Be in Your Hair Conditioner & Skincare Products

Do you think it is odd? Trust us – it is only awesome!

Is good old moringa, or drumstick, good for your skin and hair?

Actually yes, the same ingredient that adds a zing to sambhar, is also a wonder plant with nourishing and antioxidant-rich properties with immense beauty benefits.

Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself! Click here to purchase a drumstick and lavender hair conditioner now at just Rs 220.

Now, allow us to give you 10 marvellous reasons why you need to add moringa to your skin and hair-care regimen!

moringa drumsticks benefits

  • Moringa is a powerful strengthening agent for your hair. It makes your hair super shiny and also protects it from heat, dust and pollution. So switching from your regular conditioner to one that offers the goodness of drumsticks could be an excellent choice for you!
  • Moringa also has several vitamins (including A, B1, B2, B3 and B6) and minerals that help nourish your scalp. So let your next champi be a hydrating, nourishing one. Click here to get a bottle of the drumstick oil.
  • A healthy scalp always leads to less dandruff, less breakage and stronger hair. So if the drumstick oil suits your scalp, you will soon observe a positive difference in the health of your hair too!
  • The formation of keratin, a protein essential to hair growth, relies on amino-acids, minerals, and vitamins, all of which are present in moringa. So if you are prone to hair fall or fragile hair, maybe give the drumsticks a try?

moringa drumsticks benefits

  • Do split ends worry you a lot? Me too. Uneven growth, inadequate nourishment are two of the main reasons why our hair tends to grow split-ends every couple of months. And that inevitably results in a haircut. This time, after you have had that haircut, try going for a moringa oil to keep your hair healthy for longer.
  • As tough as moringa is on your hair problems, it is super soft on your skin. In fact, if you are looking for ways to avoid dry skin this winter, try going for a handmade moringa soap. It will nourish your skin naturally.
  • Since it is also known to clean out the toxins from your pores, the drumstick is a great way to avoid acne and other skin problems.
  • Moringa skincare products help tighten large pores.
  • Just like your arms and legs, moringa can help heal chapped and dry lips. All you need is a drumstick lip balm (which you can get here).
  • It will battle dull skin and transform it to help you look younger. What’s more, regular massaging with moringa oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote cell growth.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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