1. Athalya Vandhu Ambewale As summer dawns each year, Parag Athalye gets ready to deliver the season’s harvest all across Bengaluru.

Speaking to The Better India, he says, “The season starts around 25 February. During this time, one dozen mangoes retail for Rs 2,500. Towards the end of the season, the price drops down to Rs 1,000.” Contact: 70195 72329

2. Alphonsomango.in The mangoes grown at Prashant Powle's farm are free from chemical residue and pesticides. He notes, “We have served around 35,000 customers from Kanyakumari to Kashmir.”

3. Villa Mart Appalled by the news of farmer suicides in India, engineer Ramesh Biswal left his life in the US to return to his hometown in Odisha and launch Villa Mart, a mobile marketplace on wheels.

“We store mangoes in our farmhouse and ripen them without carbides or any pesticides. We deliver around eight varieties including Dasheri, Amrapali, Mallika, Totapali and Mohan Bhog. A kilo costs anywhere between Rs 120 to Rs 1,200.” Contact: 8093123412

4. Pritam Borate’s farm Design professional Pritam Borate focuses on his corporate stint during the day, and tends to his passion project — a farm in Ratnagiri — during the evening.

Every summer season, the farm is resplendent in mangoes, particularly the Ratnagiri Alphonso and Devgad Alphonso. “Each crate contains around six dozen mangoes and retails for Rs 3,500,” he says. Contact: 77689 44440

5. Aamrai The Ratnagiri Alphonso mango at Aamrai is ripened naturally in layers of penda (rice hay) in the old tradition, completely untouched by chemicals and middlemen.

6. Villkart Brothers Anand and Ashish Sagar came up with the idea of Villkart and sell several unique varieties of mangoes. “These include the Malda mango and Jardalu mango from Bihar,” says Ashish.

7. Dial a Mango Established in 1954, Dial a Mango is helmed by Mohan Dongre and Ratnakar Karale and has Dasheri, Neelam, Chaunsa, Raspuri, Badami, Himsagar, Kesar, Amrapali and the classic Hapus.

8. Kubalwadi Why must people give up their favourite mango once the season is over? This thought led Yogesh Chakre, founder of Kubalwadi, to ensure that customers have access to Alphonso mango pulp year-round!