Maintaining a garden in an urban environment with limited time is rather difficult.

But no need to fret, we’ve got you covered with these tips from urban gardeners that will help your garden thrive:

1. Focus on root health

Always look at the roots when you purchase a potted plant. Tightly wound roots halt water and nutrients from getting to the plant.

Use your fingers or a knife to gently separate the roots. This will ensure that they get to breathe.

2. Water deep

It’s okay if you forget to water your plants once in a while, say gardeners.

They advise watering deeply instead of frequently. This encourages plants to seek water at lower levels and thus grow deeper into the soil.

3. Self-watering system

On a vacation? Osmos, a self-watering system by NID graduate Gowtham Reddy, keeps your greens hydrated for 15 days.

The terracotta planter is made using 60 percent soil and 40 percent of low-weight-expanded clay, with the capacity to hold 1.5 litres of water. The clay pot absorbs the water keeping the plants hydrated.

4. Perennials are perfect!

These low-maintenance beauties like lavender, roses and asters, are generally all weather and survive in harsh conditions.

They attract butterflies and insects, giving you a perfect garden to sit and sip a cup of tea.

5. Mulching

No time to de-weed your garden? Mulching saves you time and stunts the growth of weed.

All you have to do is cover the soil with bark pieces, wood chips and leaves to preserve the moisture content.

6. A sacrificial lamb

Keep pests at bay by planting a flowering plant which will keep the bugs busy, leaving your other plants alone.

7. Strategic positioning

Place your plants in a spot that receives morning sunlight while keeping them in shade during the afternoons.

Doing so also ensures that your plants don’t need to be watered frequently as they won’t be exposed to the harsh noon sun.