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German Prof. Refused Admission To An Indian For Our “Rape Problem”. THIS Is Their Ambassador’s Reply

German Prof. Refused Admission To An Indian For Our “Rape Problem”. THIS Is Their Ambassador’s Reply

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One Indian male applicant had applied for an internship in a German university. The lady professor who heads this internship program declined the admission to this Indian male citing the ‘rape problem in India’. Below is the email screenshot:


However, after this email was brought to the notice of the German ambassador to India, Mr. Michael Steiner, he wrote this letter to the professor:


Full-text of the letter reproduced below:

Dear Dr. Professor <name redacted>

It has been brought to my attention that you denied an intemship to a male Indian student, giving “the rape problem in India” as a reason. Let me make it clear at the outset that I strongly object to this.

The2012 Nirbhaya rape case has refocused attention on the issue of violence against women. Rape is indeed a serious issue in India as in most countries, including Germany. In India, the Nirbhaya case has triggered a lively honest, sustained and very healthy public debate – a public debate of a quality that wouldn’t be possible in many other countries. The Indian Government and Indian civil society organisations are very committed to tackling the issue.

Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day at the German Embassy here in Delhi with many local activists including many men. Your oversimplifying and discriminating generalization is an offense to these women and men ardently committed to furthering women empowennent in India; and it is an offense to millions of law-abiding, tolerant, open-minded and hard-working Indians. Let’s be clear: India is not a country of rapists.

I would encourage you to leam more about the diverse, dynamic and fascinating country and the many welcoming and open-minded people of India so that you could conect a simplistic image, which – in my opinion – is particularly unsuitable for a professor and teacher.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Steiner

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