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Beware – The Walls Of This Locality In Hamburg Can Pee Back At You!

Here’s an innovative way that residents in a party district of Hamburg used to deter public urinators from defiling their home turf. Think this will work in India too?

Tired of partygoers peeing in their alleys, playgrounds and public spaces, the residents of the St. Pauli area in Hamburg, Germany, decided to take matters into their own hands. They found a new technology that was so water repellent that liquids bounced off its surface immediately.


When they sprayed some of their most peed-on walls with this super hydro-phobic substance, the wrong-doers were in for a surprise. They were caught unawares when they tried to urinate against these walls as their pee seemed to come back at them!


Now this should be one effective solution to stop peeing in public places! Watch how the innovative solution was implemented by the community:

[embedvideo id=”uoN5EteWCH8″ website=”youtube”]

This video was shared by IG St. Pauli on Youtube.

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