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Hair Fall From Hard Water? It Takes Just 3 Minutes to Install This Water Softener!

Hair Fall From Hard Water? It Takes Just 3 Minutes to Install This Water Softener!

No more itchy skin and scalp. Taking just 3 minutes to install, this 4-layer water purifier can filter and soften 25,000 litres of hard water! #Lifestyle #Innovation

Our daily baths may be doing more bad than good if you are using hard water.

Hard water has become a grave issue in a majority of Indian villages and cities. While you can very well boil the water to drink, it becomes nearly impossible to turn it soft for usages such as bathing and washing clothes.

How does one filter several litres of water before taking a bath?

With this shower and tap filter, you don’t have to.

The Rs 2295 you spend on the water purifier is an investment for healthier, happier hair and skin. Click here to get your set of the filters right now.

How do the water purifiers work?

The WaterScience purifiers have a 4-layer system, each designed to eliminate harmful salts from water. Their patented technology is known to remove about 90% of the chlorine content from the water.

  • The first ‘micro-sieve’ layer filters out all sediments and impurities
  • The second ‘hardness removal’ layer extracts salts and limescale
  • Then comes the hero ‘chlorine removal’ layer, which takes out 90% of the damaging salt
  • The final ‘nano-silver carbon’ layer removes bad smells and prevents bacterial growth.

All it takes is three minutes to install the shower/ tap water purifier and you are set for six months (or 25,000 litres, whichever comes first).

The filter is designed to suit Indian needs and is fit for borewell water purification too. You can also choose the multi-flow shower filter that has five flow options, allowing you to set the shower from ‘mist’ to ‘waterfall’ mode.

How do you know if you have hard water?

The water that flows through limestone, chalk or gypsum deposits carries their particles with it. Naturally, it has high calcium, magnesium carbonate and mineral content. The tests to understand whether the water flowing through your taps is hard or soft is easy. Check for mineral deposits on your buckets, faucets and other water fixtures. If the white powdery deposits are a regular at your home, the water has high contents of calcium and magnesium.

What are some of the effects of hard water?

Constantly dry and itchy skin, increased rate of hair fall or unexpectedly dry or fragile hair show that you are bathing with hard water.

This also contains chlorine, which is notorious for extracting all the essential oils from your skin and hair, leaving them dry.

Constant exposure to calcium, magnesium and chlorine in water can thus damage your skin and hair.

Get these filters, turn the water soft and protect yourself from skin and hair damage!

Head on to this link to read more about its fixture settings and purchase the water purifier.

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(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

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