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Heart to Heart: Here’s The Story Behind The Better India’s New Look

It may be just a word. But it has guided us from a few readers to a community of millions across portals each month.


The Better India has always striven to tell stories of everyday heroes triggering large-scale positive impact in society – inspiring us all to do the same wherever we are. Stories full of heart and inspiration.

Our beacon has been to tell the human story. We share the face behind the rescue, the person behind the idea and the community behind the implementation. It is not enough to merely mention in simple numbers those affected for the better. It is equally critical to listen to their voices – to feel their relief and joy at their transformation.

This focus has taught us many lessons over the years and helped us break many a stereotype.


Time and time again, their stories have proved it: heroes can come from the most unexpected of quarters – from IITs to remote hamlets. The best ideas can come from a 12-year-old child prodigy, or after 20 years of trial and error by a simple farmer. Inventions that work need not be expensive, and not all startups want to be unicorns – some wish to save lives.

And there have so many personal moments for our team. Parents who found help and understanding. City dwellers who started growing terrace gardens. Overjoyed protagonists calling to thank writers. Every one of them was exceptional, even though there is no space to list them all here.

Interestingly, but not unexpectedly, there was always one common thread.



I mean that in every sense of the term. Heart, as in being large-hearted, compassionate, brave, firm, inspirational, uplifting, and so much more – including loving and dedicated.

Our protagonists (and there have been thousands) had the heart of changemakers – determined and far-reaching.



It has always been an undercurrent among our writers, video producers and editors. As a matter of routine, we encourage our interviewees to “speak from the heart”, to tell us their story as they felt it.

Our headlines reflected this understanding as well. ‘Overcoming heartbreaking loss…’ is familiar enough. ‘This hero’s action will give you heart’ is another common theme.


It is also ever-present in our view towards the broader questions. Our aim is to help shape the policies of this country, making them large-hearted and inclusive. We hope to help students get a full understanding of possibilities by sharing stories in textbooks that show following your heart is not a bad thing.

We hope to uplift micro and small enterprises, whose ethical and eco-friendly products are a must for the conscious consumer who wants to make a difference. To realise this mission we have launched our brand new sustainability-focused market place – Do pay it a visit!


It may be just a word. But it has guided us from a few readers to a community of millions across portals each month.

And on difficult days, when work seemed a struggle or a story didn’t come together, it is the shared encouragement and good wishes from that very same community that gave us the heart to push through.

It has been a ten-year journey so far. And we feel it is now essential to acknowledge the influence the heart has had on us. And for all the years to come, we would like to cement how it will continue to guide us as we aim for bigger and better.

So we have decided to give ourselves a makeover – and put the heart front and centre, where it belonged all along.


After all – in the broadest vision, inspired by the heroes we cover and the community that backs us, we do wish to bring far-reaching change for the better.

And stories from the heart can change the world!

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