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Haryana Lad Becomes Pilot, Gifts Air Travel to All Granddads & Grandmas of His Village!

A resident of the Sarangpur village in the Adampur tehsil of Hisar district, Vikas Jyani had always dreamt of becoming a pilot.

What is the best gift someone can give to their hometown after they have climbed the ladder of success or achieved what they set out to do? Distribute sweets door-to-door? Host a party for their friends and neighbours across the village?

Well, what this newly-commissioned pilot from Haryana did for the elderly folks from his hometown will not just touch your heart but also make you respect the young man for his magnanimous gesture.

A resident of the Sarangpur village in the Adampur tehsil of Hisar district, Vikas Jyani had always dreamt of becoming a pilot.

Source: Jagyasini P Malakar/ Twitter.

In addition to this, as he inched closer to his dream, he nursed a desire to take all the elders of his village on a flight at his own expense!

Most people give up on their much-cherished childhood dreams, but Vikas begged to differ.

Arranging for the air travel of 22 senior citizens from New Delhi to Amritsar for a trip to the golden trio of Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh and Wagah Border, Vikas not only upheld his promise to these elders after becoming a pilot but also provided them with an experience they will cherish for the rest of their life.

Aboard the flight was 90-year-old Bimla, 78-year-old Ramamuti, 78-year-old Kankari Devi, 75-year-old Giradawari Devi, 80-year-old Amar Singh, 75-year-old Surjaram, 75-year-old Khemaram, 72-year- old Atmaram, Indra, Jagdish and Satpal—all of whom had never before seen an airport or an aeroplane.

For nonagenarian Bimla, sitting in an aircraft was something she’d never even dreamt of.
“Many people make promises to elderly but kept his word,” she told The Times of India. 78-year-olds Ramamuti and Kankari Devi felt that the experience of travelling in a plane had been the best one of their entire lives!

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Vikas’s father Mahendra Jyani, who is a senior bank manager, is extremely proud of his son’s touching gesture that he feels was no less than a pilgrimage for the elders.

“Vikas respects [his] elders and this was his dream. He fulfilled his dream, and that’s the most important thing for me. All youth should follow Vikas’ example, and we should all respect our elders,” he added.

Kudos to the young pilot for his extremely kind gesture. We are sure that it will inspire many youngsters, who moved to bigger cities for higher studies and job opportunities, to give back to their hometowns as well.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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