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Get Ready To Travel! 8 Nations Where Rupee’s Exchange Rates Will Make You Smile!

Just 1 rupee will be enough to buy you a full meal, in some of these countries!

Get Ready To Travel! 8 Nations Where Rupee’s Exchange Rates Will Make  You Smile!

International travel is on every wandering enthusiast’s bucket list. Going to a foreign country, soaking up the culture and cuisine, is amazing – except that it usually costs a tidy sum.

Ask anyone who travels to European countries, or the USA. Starting with astronomical airline fares, and going on to pricey stay options, holidaying abroad is expensive.

And then there are currency woes. With exchange rates not being in our favour, we Indians often find ourselves stretching our international holiday budget to the max, and then some.

Well, international travel doesn’t always have to be a needlessly expensive affair. There are many nations whose currency values are lower than the rupee! Going to these countries will not only be an adventure, but relatively light on the pocket as well.

So here are 8 countries that offer memorable travel experiences for the adventurous, without draining your bank account dry!

Visit these beautiful destinations where the rupee is higher in value than the local currency! Image Credit: Overlanding CR
Visit these beautiful destinations where the rupee is higher in value than the local currency! Image Credit: Overlanding CR

1. Vietnam:-

This country is rich in history and culture, and is also a foodie’s paradise!

Add to that, one Indian rupee will fetch you around 327.54 Vietnamese Dong. So, for just a rupee, you can have three sumptuous meals a day!

Vietnam is an unusual potpourri of hill-tribe villages and sprawling cities. There are some amazing sights to be witnessed, like the sea of limestone islands from a traditional junk’s deck in Halong Bay or the world’s most intricate cave systems in Phong Nha-Ke Bank National Park.

The country is a comprehensive history lesson, and for the culture enthusiast, loaded with indigenous crafts. Lose yourself exploring the ancient temples in the North, and beautiful tree-lined boulevards in the capital city, Hanoi.

2. Cambodia:-

Full of history, every twist and curve of Cambodia has fascinated history junkies for ages now. From the remains of extinct civilisations to various ruins, this delightful country is a treasure trove.

The region has lush forests teeming with exciting species of flora and fauna. The cuisine comprises of tropical fruits, soups and noodles, with some bizarre street food, like fried spiders!

The food even has a distinct French influence, something evident in the toasted baguette bread!

And all this eating and drinking is cheap as well. The currency rate stands at one INR for 57.45 Cambodian Riel. With history, culture and great food – this place is genuinely a pocket-friendly dream destination.

3. Indonesia:-

This country is a multicultural, multilingual and multi-ethnic treat. There are many resident ethnic groups here, with each having their own art, architecture, cuisine, traditional dresses, festivals, rituals, philosophies and languages!

The art here includes age-old art developed from centuries, juxtaposed with developed contemporary art.

Bali, is a beach lover’s paradise, with its white sands and azure waters. Indonesian cuisine is one of the most diverse, vibrant and flavourful in the world, with rice being the main staple food, served with sumptuous side dishes of meat and vegetables.

The icing on the cake? One Indian rupee will fetch you 208.86 Indonesian Rupiah, so enjoy the wealth of experiences this place has to offer!

4. Chile:-

This South American country is but a narrow strip of land between the mighty Andes mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

The main attractions for those looking to visit Chile are places of natural beauty and stunning ancient monuments. Experience the beauty of the mighty altiplano lakes, and enjoy skiing sessions in popular ski resorts in the Central Andes.

Chile is also home to substantial national parks, like the Conguillio National Park, Nahuelbuta National Park, Laguna San Rafael National Park, and the Torres Del Paine National Park, for the wildlife enthusiasts among you.

After exploring to your heart’s content, dig into the Chilean cuisine, which has an assortment of seafood, fruits, vegetables and delectable meats.

Mind you this isn’t the cheapest of destinations. But you still get 9.62 Chilean Pesos for every rupee.


This beautiful South American gem boasts of spectacular natural reserves, dams that are engineering marvels, and beautiful artisan workshops.

Paraguay is an adventure sports paradise, with infrastructure catering to the practice of extreme sports, like zip lining, rappelling and hiking through trails in dense forests.

The country’s flowing rivers are ideal for fishing tours and excursions. The variety of fishes offered by Paraguay’s rivers is staggering, but you must keep in mind that government authorities control fishing, as some species are endangered.

The currency has a good exchange rate as well. One Indian Rupee will fetch you 82.01 Paraguayan Guarani, so enjoy this South American delight to your heart’s content, on a modest budget!


Uzbekistan attracts tourists due to its archaeological, architectural and natural wealth. From outdoor activities like rock-climbing, to discovering interesting facets of the region’s culture, way of life and customs, you will never have a dull moment here!

The Chimgan highlands, located close to the capital Tashkent, are the perfect place to get your adrenaline fix, via horse-riding, mountain skiing, hiking and hang-gliding.

After expending energy through adventure sports, load up on nutrients via the region’s lip-smacking cuisine. Plov, manti, shurpa, shashlik, lagman and samsa are some must-try dishes.

Most of these recipes are centuries old, and the process of preparing food is ritualistic.

For Indians, one Indian rupee will fetch you 111.06 Uzbekistani Som, so visit the nation and be awed!

7. Tanzania:-

Mountainous and densely-forested, this country is home to Mount Kilimanjaro. Those who love wildlife should add this destination to their bucket list, as around 38% of the nation is set aside as protected areas, for wildlife conservation.

16 national parks and a variety of game and forest reserves dot the country, which is home to a staggering number of animal species, including endangered ones like the mighty African lion, and the other ‘big five’ species, i.e the leopard, buffalo, rhino and elephant. You can sit in an open-top jeep, and watch the wildebeest and giraffe undertake their massive migration.

What’s more, one Indian Rupee will fetch you 32.15 Tanzanian shillings, so you can have a great time on a budget.

8.Costa Rica:-

This relatively small country is extremely popular for its eco-tourism and is recognised as one of the few places in the world with real eco-tourism.

It is not unusual to have beautiful birds stare at you from treetops, while a caiman crocodile slips undetected into its pond while you are on tour.

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Most of the main attractions in Costa Rica are natural, with leisure and adventure activities thrown in for good measure. Go snorkelling, rafting, surfing and bungee jumping, and experience the region’s culture by visiting museums and art galleries.

One Indian Rupee will fetch you 8.06 Costa Rican Colon, so draw up your travel plans for this picturesque destination.

Happy travels!

(Edited By Vinayak Hegde)

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