These Are The Top 3 ‘Liveable’ Cities in India & They All Belong to One State!

This survey was conducted over a span of 4 months, and representatives of the Ministry spoke to more than 60,000 citizens, to collect the data

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The Ministry for Urban Affairs recently conducted a survey—the Ease of Living Index 2018—to identify the best cities to live in, in India.

After carefully studying 111 cities, and marking them on various parameters, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Greater Mumbai have emerged in the top three positions. This survey was conducted over a span of 4 months, and representatives of the Ministry spoke to more than 60,000 citizens, to collect the data.

The four pillars on the basis of which these cities were marked are as follows:

1. Institutional

– Matters of governance were taken into consideration while giving a city marks in this regard. This pillar carried a total of 25 points.

2. Social

– Parameters like retaining the identity and culture of the city, providing good educational institutions, establishing and maintaining top-notch healthcare facilities, and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens, formed the basis of this pillar. This also carried 25 points.

3. Economic

– This parameter took into consideration the economic conditions and employment rates in the city, the housing and inclusiveness policy followed by the state, the amount of green cover and public spaces that are present, and the power supply that the state enjoys. This pillar carried 5 points.

4. Physical

– This pillar consists of points that perhaps first meet the eye when you either visit or spend time in a particular city— the transport system and ease of mobility, water supply and waste management systems and the pollution levels in the city. This pillar carries 45 points.

In a report published by the Hindustan Times, Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister Housing and Urban Affairs, said, “The ease of living assessment covers several metrics critical to track progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals in an urban environment.”

“The analysis of data will also, in turn, encourage authorities concerned to know where to focus in the coming months.”

At the release of the ease of living index 2018.

With residents from various cities posting these results on social media platforms, it perhaps will encourage both the government and the residents to work towards including their city in the top 10 the next time around.

It must be mentioned here that Kolkata and three other states from West Bengal chose to not participate in this survey.

Here’s hoping that more and more states are encouraged to perform better to find themselves a spot in the top 3, the next time.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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