To Ensure Justice, This Cop Attended Every Nirbhaya Case Hearing for 6 Years!

Inspector Anil Sharma (Left) and Nirbhaya protests (Right). (Source: Facebook)

Despite losing both his brother and father during the case, this dedicated inspector kept working with unwavering focus.

Having led the investigation into the brutal December 2012 gangrape case in the national capital, Inspector Anil Sharma of the Delhi Police today can heave a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court upheld the death sentences of all four gangrape-murder convicts.

In the six years since the case went to court, Sharma didn’t miss a single court hearing and worked on the case round the clock, despite losing both his father and brother during that period.

“The trial is as important as the investigation in the case. This was a case we took ownership of, so we had to take it to its conclusion. There are a lot of things to taken care of in court. Sometimes, there are case properties that would not come on time, then the public prosecutor is not assisted properly, there are clarifications that the court needs,” 39-year-old Sharma told The Print.

For the cop from Rajasthan, resolving the case was of prime importance, even if it meant not losing focus following the untimely deaths of his brother and father.

“During that time, my brother passed away after he met with an accident at home. I remember while I was giving a bath to his dead body, the very next minute I was updating my senior officer about the case,” Sharma tells The Print. Following his brother’s death, Sharma lost his father to a serious illness. He was working so tirelessly on the Nirbhaya case that he missed his father’s last hours.

Inspector Anil Sharma (Left) and Nirbhaya protests (Right). (Source: Facebook)
Inspector Anil Sharma (Left) and Nirbhaya protests (Right). (Source: Facebook)

For the two and a half weeks that followed the brutal gangrape, Sharma and his team were tirelessly gathering evidence and recording statements. In the midst of all this hustle, however, Sharma also made it a point to spend time with the victim in her last days, comforting her with stories.

“As a police officer you are expected to be totally professional, concentrating on the investigation, but this was one of the cases that got us emotionally involved,” he told the publication.

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One major lesson he learnt from the case is how the police must conduct thorough investigations based on substantial evidence. “If you do your work properly, you will get strong evidence, and then it is impossible for the criminal to get away. Like in this case, we relied heavily on scientific and orthodontic evidence that helped our case immensely,” he told the publication.

As the SHO of the Kirti Nagar area in Delhi for the past year, Inspector Sharma has made great progress. It was awarded the best police station in the country by the Quality Council of India. Getting CCTV cameras installed across critical areas that come under his jurisdiction, including slums, Sharma and his team have managed to successfully bring the crime rate down in the area.

However, in the interest of full clarity, he has been accused of sexually abusing a woman while leading a raid in the Old Delhi area in April 2015. Inspector Sharma has denied all charges, claiming that he has been framed in the case.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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