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Coffee-Leaf Tea Delivered on Electric Bikes? ChaiGuru Promises a Unique Experience!

Coffee-Leaf Tea Delivered on Electric Bikes? ChaiGuru Promises a Unique Experience!

Tea, for most Indians, is very close to their heart!

A cup of tea, it is said, can fix the worst of days. From regular ‘chai’ with milk to the many variations that we see today, the humble beverage has ingrained itself in the hearts of people across the world.

Known for producing some of the best varieties of tea in the world, India is home to hardcore tea lovers, and the drink is popular amongst people of all ages, and from all walks of life.

Just like the rest of India, the ‘City of Nawabs’ also loves its tea, and Hyderabadis can drink a cup of fresh, steaming tea at any time of the day! The presence of hundreds of tea-stalls dotting the city is a testament to the love this city has for the beverage.

For a city with such a strong attachment to tea, it is only befitting that ChaiGuru, a startup which is the brainchild of Raman Madala, has commenced operations here.

ChaiGuru will bring you the goodness of coffee-leaf tea, delivered using e-vehicles. Image Credit:- ChaiGuru.
ChaiGuru will bring you the goodness of coffee-leaf tea, delivered using e-vehicles. Image Credit:- ChaiGuru.

ChaiGuru provides you with various kinds of fresh, herbal teas, delivered using electric vehicles.

Here are some of the varieties on offer:

Sip on some natural goodness, with ChaiGuru's coffee leaf tea. Image Credit:ChaiGuru
Sip on some natural goodness, with ChaiGuru’s coffee leaf tea. Image Credit:ChaiGuru

1) Roselle Tea
2) Kuti Tea
3) Good Night Tea
4) Early Morning Tea
5) Araku Chai
6) Stress Buster Tea

We at The Better India, spoke to Raman, to get some more information about this interesting venture.

So, what is so special about the tea that ChaiGuru brings to you?

According to Raman, the herbal teas have been made using leaves of the arabica coffee plant, which are handpicked and refined, and the teas are devoid of preservatives and added flavours. Additionally, the tea is packed in bleach-free bags.

Coffee and tea are usually as different as chalk and cheese, so what makes this tea special?

Well, a coffee leaf tea isn’t a new concept. The health benefits were studied over a century ago, and this variety of tea was displayed at the Great Exhibition of 1851, in London.

Coffee leaf tea looks strikingly similar to green tea, yet is much healthier than the latter. Also, it tastes nothing like coffee, even though it is made using coffee plant leaves. Coffee leaf tea is significantly lower in caffeine content and higher in antioxidants. It has health benefits that surpass coffee and regular tea.

How did this come about, and become so popular?

Well, we have always grown coffee and used the beans because they fetch the money. The leaves are usually discarded as a by-product. It is from these leaves that the tea is made, yet, this tea isn’t a coffee replacement.

Here are the reasons you should consider sipping on some coffee-leaf tea:

Whatever your mood, ChaiGuru has a blend of tea, just for you! Image Credit:ChaiGuru
Whatever your mood, ChaiGuru has a blend of tea, just for you! Image Credit:ChaiGuru

1) It doesn’t make you jumpy and jittery
The leaf of the coffee plant has very little caffeine; in fact, it has as much caffeine content as a cup of decaffeinated coffee. Thus, it is a healthy drink and can be consumed round the clock.

2) It is loaded with antioxidants
Containing around 17% more antioxidants than green tea, coffee leaf tea also has phenolic compounds and hydroxycinnamic acid, thus helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases, strokes and cancer.

3) It contains mangiferin
Mangiferin is a bioactive compound, which is also found in mangoes and is found in the leaves of arabica coffee plants. It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help alleviate pain and boost the immune system. Mangiferin also helps with diabetes, protects the brain from degradation, and lowers cholesterol.

4) It has neuroprotective properties
The magic of mangiferin also extends to the mind. Those of you, who feel fatigued after a lot of work, will find a reason to rejoice—coffee leaf tea is great for “clearing the head of cobwebs,” as per research that was conducted over a century ago. The same study also shows that coffee leaf tea provides immediate relief from hunger and fatigue.

So, finally, do we have a middle ground for the eternal battle between tea and coffee lovers?

This drink has low caffeine levels, an earthy taste, and more antioxidants than regular tea. The reason it has been overlooked so far is that people have placed high value only on coffee beans.

But, that is not all.

By using coffee leaves to make tea, farmers also receive some support. Raman recounts how one farmer was surprised when the former offered to buy the coffee leaves from the latter.

Coffee is a seasonal crop, and farmers often have to compensate for the off-season. Not only that, they anyway have to clear the coffee leaves from their fields. By selling these coffee leaves, the farmers have an alternate source of income from something that was just a dead end.

ChaiGuru will thus help locals and farmers earn from an additional source of income.

After ages of fighting over the benefits of tea and coffee, we finally have a revolutionary beverage, that will provide comprehensive health benefits surpassing both.

What’s more, you will receive this tea via electric vehicles, which are being used to promote the concept of zero emissions. Since Raman wanted the initiative to be sustainable, ChaiGuru has partnered with Gayam Motor Works, a company that relies on proprietary battery technology and management systems and has managed to develop powerful electric vehicles at a low cost.

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All set to launch their products in Vijayawada, Vizag and Bengaluru later during the year, Raman is hopeful, that ChaiGuru, will hit an all-time high in the coming months.

(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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