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Made By Nashik School Students, This Floating Cycle Can Clean Ponds!

Taking their science lessons beyond textbooks and four walls, students from the school have built a floating cycle!

Made By Nashik School Students, This Floating Cycle Can Clean Ponds!

When I say school, what pops into your mind? Perhaps you remember sitting on a wooden bench and listening to your teacher or scribbling in your notebook as the teacher wrote answers on the board, or maybe, learning theorems, definitions and long answers “by heart.”

However, students of the Espalier school in Nashik might give you a completely different answer, and perspective. The Espalier Experimental School is a perfect haven for students of various age groups to gain experiences that they can implement in their own lives, or make the world a better place.

Taking their science lessons beyond textbooks and four walls, students from the school have built a floating cycle!

The school has taken science lessons beyond the walls. Source.

“This year, on the occasion of Science Day, the project of floating bicycle was launched. The students had been working on this project under the guidance of their science teacher, Mrs Kalyani Joshi. In the first session, Archimedes’ Principle and the concept of density and buoyancy were explained to the students,” the school authorities told The Better India, adding that, “The second session included brainstorming and discussion on the structure of the floating cycle.”

Most of us might be scratching our heads at the sound of Archimedes’ principle or the concept of buoyancy. But for these students of Class 7, these are not merely concepts to learn, but principles that they applied in real life.

The whole class got together to learn the skills of cutting iron and welding from a professional and affixed exoskeletons on both sides of a bicycle.

Students learn welding and cutting iron. Source.

Although welding is not the safest activity for 12-13-year-olds, all safety precautions were taken.

They then installed eight empty water cans in these structures to follow the concept of density and buoyancy.

“Since science always has a positive contribution to society, the floating bicycle will have a significant application as well. It can be used to clean our water bodies as it has an attachment to collect garbage. It is, till date, one of the easiest, cheapest and most comfortable ways to clean ponds and rivers,” the authorities told TBI.

The students tried out the cycle on water and needless to say, it was a great success!

Students try out their cycle. Source.

The way the students are applying their knowledge in the betterment of society if certainly inspiring. The floating bicycle will ease the efforts of water cleaners, in that they will not have to swim or even get wet to clean our ponds.

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In addition to the practical application of science skills, the Espalier school is also providing other opportunities for their students. In one instance, the students made musical instruments from pipes and performed in front of a large audience. The school is also taking the initiative in sensitising students about the difference between good touch and bad touch.

The school’s outlook towards science, practicality and life is indeed inspiring. Several schools, organisations and individuals are making efforts to ease the process of education as well as ensure that what is learnt, can be applied in real life. You can check out such stories in our Education section.

Edited by Gayatri Mishra

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