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Video: South India’s 1st Certified Woman Kickboxing Coach Is Smashing Barriers!

Pooja Harsha has trained under international coaches and is now ready to teach this sport to Indian women.

Who called women the weaker sex?

Pooja Harsha from Mysuru is here to smash all stereotypes with her amazing martial art skills.

Pooja is a kickboxer who has trained under Russian and Italian coaches and is a WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisation) black belt second degree in K1 style.

She wants to encourage women to take up a martial art for self-defence and has started coaching women in kickboxing. In fact, she is the first woman from South India to be a national kickboxing coach!

Training under such a renowned, tough coach will definitely be a kickass experience!

Watch the video below to know the laurels Pooja has won as a martial artist.

Featured image source: Facebook.

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