Video: Padma-Winning “Marathi Mulgi” Sets Record, Sky-Dives In A Nauwari Sari!

Shital Rane-Mahajan has several records to her name, and her latest dives are another feather in her cap.

Shital Rane-Mahajan, an adventurist from Pune wanted to bring the Maharashtrian culture to the world’s attention. So she did what she does best—sky-diving, albeit, with a twist.

Shital wore a Nau-wari (9 yards) saree on her 13,000 feet jump in Thailand.

“International Women’s Day is coming up next month (8 March), and I wanted to do something different with, so decided on wearing the Maharashtrian ‘Nau-wari saree’ for my skydives,” Shital told IANS.

She skydived twice, and although she stumbled during her first dive, she escaped without injuries. Draping the saree proved an extra challenge for Shital since all her equipment, communication gear etc., had to be fit perfectly over the flowing and slightly baggy-saree.

“First, to drape the Nau-wari saree properly, plus to wear the parachutes on it, the safety gear and communication equipment, helmet, goggles, shoes etc., made it all quite a challenge,” she said.

Watch the video of this thrilling skydive here.

Shital has undertaken many other amazing endeavours. Read her story here.

Featured image source: Facebook/ Facebook.

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